Elite Stair Climber and Marathon Runner
Zone Frey


My name is Kristin Frey and I am a vegan endurance athlete focusing on running (ultramarathons and marathons) and tower running (stair climbing). I believe in fueling myself with all-natural, plant-based products. As a kid, I grew up playing sports, and my love for running developed during high school when I joined the cross country and track teams.

I really started to enjoy running my senior year in high school. I decided that if I worked just a little bit more and pushed myself a little harder, I could be a decent runner so that’s what I did. In 2005, my passion for running grew while training for my first marathon. Since then, I’ve run 13 marathons total and have qualified for the Boston Marathon 11 times.

My first stair climb was Hustle Up the Hancock in 2010. My boyfriend convinced me to try it out since I’m a pretty good runner and am lightweight so he figured I’d have a shot at finishing in the top. I finished HUH with a decent time and place, but knew that I had much more left in me. I competed in several other climbs that year and even won a few of them! In 2011 and 2012, I set my sights on becoming a great tower runner and decided to focus on climbing the entire year. In 2012, I won all of the major races in Chicago and competed in South America, Europe and Taipei.

For the longest time, I considered myself a distance runner and loved long runs, the longer the better and in 2013 I completed my first 50 mile Ultramarathon. In 2014, I am returning to my passion for distance running and am going to focus on trail running and ultramarathons.

I never would’ve been able to push myself to the limits and scale new heights without the support and encouragement of my wonderful family and friends.

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