How to build a concession trailer plans

how to build a concession trailer plans

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Concession Trailer Floor Plans. Browse through numerous layouts of food trailers designs by size or style. These concession trailer floor plans can be used to build your concession trailer as-is or as a starting point to customize your food trailer design to your needs. Nov 19,  · I decided to build my own concession trailer. (having some construction background and a garage full of tools that are not being used for the winter). I have my codes in hand and after long thought of how I wanted to build and not cost me $3, dollars. In fact I think I will finish it under a $ counting inventory and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

You can build or drop in the equipment you need for pennies on the dollar. It's doable and it's easier than you think. Not only is it easy to build out a food truck or trailer, it will pass your state inspection for food service. And that's what I want to share with you. Exactly how to build out the inside of your concession trailer. It's not a concession trailer yet. It's just a trailer — and trailers — all in all — aren't that expensive.

I found this with a quick Google search but found more on Craigslist. I'm sure you can even find a good used one. Why not start on a shoestring budget and have a cash reserve instead?

Now we need the insides — the guts. We need to talk equipment and your menu will determine some of this and your friendly state health inspector the rest. The worst possible thing you can put inside a food truck or trailer is a deep fryer. I'm not going into that here but take a look around and you'll see we've discussed this many times. It's a nightmare! We must consider the menu. If you're menu includes fried foods, then you have to consider the several thousand dollars for the fire suppression and hood system.

The simplest way would be to do what many others have done. Grab this DIY course and apply it to the inside of your food truck or concession trailer.

You can watch that here. If you've looked up drop in lp gas steam tables, then you know — that isn't a viable option for most. It's expensive and they are super duper bulky. You can simply how much do baby toys cost per year a wooden frame and purchase a counter top. If you watch this video — you'll see how it works.

Also there are more videos at each link to parts above. No matter what you're adding — make sure the added item won't require related expenses you didn't consider. For example…. You want a deep fryer — right! So a deep fryer is a fire waiting to happen — and all 50 states require you then to have a commercial hood system and a fire suppression system. These two little additions can run you into the thousands. No BIG E — unless you're concession trailer is starting on a limited budget — like most.

You'd be wiser to wait, get your feet wet before adding those more labor intensive and expensive items. Some states will still require a hood system. Even without a smoker, grill, griddle or a deep fryer. So like I teach in the free training — always get the scoop on the codes from your local health inspector. If so, plan that out before you buy your trailer.

Make sure the roof supports are such that it can be installed. Be sure to Google for other deals too. That link above is just one of many companies that supply hoods. Fire suppression systems can be purchased online as well and they can be expensive too. They may even require you have a state certified person instal it. Watch this video and then grab the video course if you're handy at all.

That's with 4 sinks, a pressurized water system, counter, stainless, commercial steam tables, cold food storage and a deep fryer if you want. Start small and let this trailer pay for your next one — or pay for upgrades as you go. You how to get rid of pet urine odor in concrete complete the entire project in a matter of a few days. She's converted a camper, a trailer and a bus. And in her words:.

Concession Trailers Floor Plans by Style

Jun 19, - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Concession Trailer Plans. Build for only $ at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. (#) 16 ft Food Truck Conversion Layout (#) Frozen Yogurt x 24 Layout (#) Shaved Ice Trailer Layout 6 x10 (#) x 16 Layout. How to build a food truck yourself a sibley couple prep food trailer trailer lettering custom vinyl Homemade Concession Trailer Plans - How To Build A Food Truck Yourself A Simple Guide «Home.

Building your own trailer can be a challenging and rewarding project and whether you are building a trailer for a specific task in mind or for a general purpose trailer, there will be a design to suit your requirements. Each design comes with a materials cutting list and parts inventory and is laid out in an easy to follow format which will allow even a novice engineer to build a trailer from scratch.

All the single axle utility trailers are suitable to be towed by a compact or SUV and the limit to the type of towing vehicle is the amount of load you intend to carry. The dual axle utility trailer is suitable to be towed by a vehicle with either a Class 2 or heavier hitch and this trailer is the real workhorse of the utility trailers here.

Check out the following designs, find the right size for your needs, start building and enjoy the benefits of having a trailer crafted by your own hands.

There is almost nothing in the world better than driving down the road towing a trailer that you have crafted using your own hands and skills! It gives a great feeling of satisfaction to have built a trailer that is uniquely yours and something that you can be proud of.

All the utility trailers have 14" tires, leaf spring suspension with the dual axle having oscillating rocker style suspension. They also have 15" sides with panel steel which can be omitted if you prefer an open trailer.

The tongue is heavy duty and can be fitted with either a standard straight coupler 3" mount or a hydraulic surge coupler if required. Electric brakes can be fitted quickly and easily. Full cutting and parts lists are available for each trailer, and cutting and folding details of individual parts light channel, tongue, sides and tailgates, are found on their respective part pages. Also available full building instructions and plans for a tow dolly trailer, a flatdeck trailer and a ground loading trailer and a car hauler trailer.

The majority of the plans are in US measurements, but there is the odd plan solely dimensioned in metric. If you are after a complete range of metric plans - click below for our metric website.

Click here for our complete metric website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any other details. We would love to see your trailer photos.

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