How to convert bushels into pounds

how to convert bushels into pounds

Converting Grain Units

Depends on what it is. bushel is traditionally a measurement of volume-approx an 8 gallon container, however for most common commodities, a standard weight is assigned for each one and used in that country for trade. Ex-Oats=32# for 1 bushel, Barley#, Malted Barley#, Wheat/Soybeans=60#, etc. etc. For wheat and soybeans weight is only valid for a certain specified moisture content of the. Vegetable Conversion Chart Vegetable Pack unit Weight in Pounds Asparagus Bushel 24 Bunch 1 ? to 2 Beans (snap, lima) Bushel 28 to 30 Peck 8 Beets (topped) Bushel 52 Bunch 2 (with leaves) Broccoli Bushel 23 to 25 Bunch or Heads 1 to 1 ? Brussels Sprouts Carton, loose pack 25 Quart 1 .

Asked by Wiki User. Depends on what it is. For wheat and soybeans weight is only valid for a certain unto moisture content of the product itself which adds to the weight when increased Conversion to pounds would depend on contents and wether there is already a standard assigned for those contents. A bushel and a pound are two different measurements! While both are generally dry units of measurements the bushel is used mostly in agriculture.

A bushel of wheat and a bushel of corn have two different weights as do apples and oranges, where as a pound is a pound. The only way you're going to figure out the weight of a bushel of crabs is to cram as many crabs into a bushel basket as you can good luck with that and weigh it.

Then again it depends on the type of crabs as well. If the soybeans do not test at 60, then just use the adjusted test weight for that batch.

The weight per bushel is 53 lbs About 10 pounds. One pound of lentils is approximately 0. A bushel of oysters is generally around 60 oysters. Oysters may be sold by the bushel, but are generally sold by the pound. Price per pound varies based on your puonds, the type of oyster, and yow market conditions. Wheat can vary from 10, to 20, kernels per pound, but if one assumes the middle rate at 15, per pound, then there would be aboutkernels in a bushel.

Therefore, a bushel of ear corn weighs about 70 pounds and a bushel of shelled corn weighs 56 pounds. At approximately 3, per pound, 1 bushel how to test paternity while pregnant lb would how to write an application cv pdfsoybeans.

At what is meant by the wave- particle nature of light 2, per pound a planting sizethere would besoybeans per bushel. You can't. A pound of eared corn is equal to about 56 pounds. A bushel is also equal to 1. Approximately 0. A peck is a quarter of a bushel. You would probably use about 3 tomatoes for a pound, depending on poinds size.

Roughly two dollars a pound in the shell. So, around 20 pounds of peas in the shell per bushel should bring around 40 dollars a bushel. A bushel is a measurement used for wheat, not flour. Ti, a bushel of wheat weighs about sixty pounds. This would make about sixty pound of wheat flour, but only 42 plunds of white flour. Just know that there are 16oz to the pound. You can go from there. They ti NOT the same. Weight is an indirect measure of mass, whereas volume is an direct measure of space.

Think of it this way: a pound of feathers and a pound of rocks have the same weight which means they have the same mass, since weight is a function of mass, and they therefore represent the same amount of matter -- stuff! But they do not occupy the same volume.

Clearly, a pound of feathers will take up way more space than a pound of rocks. Or think of it THIS way: If you have a shoe box filled with feathers and bushrls identical shoe box filled with rocks, which will weigh more? Clearly, the box of rocks. Both the feathers and the rocks occupy poundx same volume -- a shoe box -- but the box of rocks has greater mass and, hence, greater weight.

Which brings us -- tada! A bushel is a unit of volume, just like a shoe box is. If you have a bushel of feathers, it will weigh less than a bushel of rocks -- or a bushel of corn, or a bushel of buckwheat, or a bushel of apples.

In other words, you are going to have to find a table that shows how much a bushel of whatever it is you have weighs, because a bushel of each substance will weigh something different. Ask Question. Math and Arithmetic.

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What was the first TV dinner? Previously Viewed How do you convert bushel to pound? Unanswered Questions bushel is 30 minutes past 9 o'clock? What is 8 divided by 2 2 plus 2? What is one eighth of 72? When remainder is zero the improper fraction is? What is 0. What is rounded to the nearest ho Which coin is worth 10 times more than a five?

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This converter is very easy. Really.

1 bushel potatoes = 60 pounds (most states in U.S.) 1 bushel rice = 45 pounds 1 bushel grain sorghum = 56 pounds 1 bushel of soybeans = 60 pounds 1 bushel of dry beans = 60 pounds 1 bushel of cereal rye = 56 pounds 1 bushel of rapeseed = 50 pounds 1 bushel of sunflower seed = 24 pounds 1 bushel of spelt = 40 pounds 1 bushel of triticale = 56 poundsFile Size: KB. Conversion Factors BARLEY (48 lb/bu) 1 bushel metric ton 1 metric ton = bushels CORN & SORGHUM (56 lb/bu) 1 bushel metric ton 1 metric ton = bushels WHEAT & SOYBEANS (60 lb/bu) 1 bushel metric ton 1 metric ton = bushels Note on Tons: British Continue reading "Converting Grain Units". Conversion Calculator. Crop Bushel Weights. Crop Grading Guide. Grain Bin Calculator. Contact Us. Phone: Fax: #1 – Thatcher Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7R 1A3. Sign Up for Online Services. To access our grain prices you need to subscribe to our online services.

Sorry, your browser does not seem to support JavaScript which is required for the converter to function. Please make sure JavaScript is not disabled in your browser settings. Otherwise this site will not work for you. First of all, you don't have to change any settings to use the converter. It's absolutely optional. Do you want rounded off figures or scientifically precise ones? For everyday conversions we recommend choosing 3 or 4 significant digits.

If you want maximum precision, set the number to 9. The traditional English apothecaries' system defines weights , not volumes. However, there was apothecaries' system for volumes too, though less commonly used. Before introduction of the imperial units, all apothecaries' measures were based on the wine gallon which later became the base of U. In addition to five official apothecaries' units pint, fliud ounce, fluid dram, fluid scruple, and minim, there was a set of unofficial but widely used units for various spoon and glass sizes.

We list them here too. In apothercaries' system was officially abolished in in the U. In the United States the apothecaries' system remained in use until , when it was officially abolished in favor of the metric system.

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