How to do designs on nails at home

how to do designs on nails at home

3-Step Nail Art Ideas You Can Totally Do Yourself

Mar 20,  · All you've got to do is paint a nude base shade onto to the bottom two-thirds of the sponge, and your choice of color to the top. Dab the sponge onto Author: Nicola Dall'asen. Feb 24,  · 1 of Marble Nails: Step 1. Pick two contrasting colors — the more different they are, the better this design will show up. Apply one coat of the lighter of the two shades to all your nails Occupation: Contributor.

Maybe you want to save a few bucks, or maybe you want to embrace your inner artist. Whatever the reason, easy nail art at home can be so much more than giving yourself a great manicure. It can serve as an act self-care — sitting down, polishes arrayed on a table like an artists' palette, tools in hand, the smell of red wine wafting to your nose from the glass beside you Nail art, however, can feel intimidating — after all, not everyone what channel is nfl on dish network a pro manicurist.

Bustle reached out to experts to hear a few at-home nail art ideas you can actually achieve. From marble-inspired looks to a cute "dotticure" that's much what is the state food of arkansas than you may think, a salon-quality manicure is possible from home. If you've been trying to do your nails at home and want to spice them up with some artwork, read on for some expert ideas and tips. We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle's editorial team.

However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article. Nail artist Gabby Morris created the water marble nail design with Orosa. While marbling may sound complicated, the process is much simpler than you may think.

She tells Bustle that it's simple to create using ORLY's Half Moon Guides, and your color choices are basically endless, although bright blues and metallic finishes are her personal faves. The "dotticure" is the brainchild of brand Sinful Colors and nail artist Amy Tranand it's exactly what it sounds like — an adorable collection of polka dots all over your nail.

To get the look, Tran recommends the Sinful Colors Quick Bliss range, adding that a quick dry formula will help prevent smudging. Amy Linowner of wellness nail care brand Sundays, loves color-block graphic lines and says it's great for someone who wants a more modern mani. ORLY's Boyce also loves a brushstroke technique: "This is the cutest, easiest nail art look," she says. It's easy because you can do it on bare nails, and it's just one brush stroke.

You don't have to worry about painting the full nail. By Shea Simmons. Marble Nails. Sinful Colors Quick Bliss. Sundays Non-Toxic Manicure Kit. ORLY Bonder.

Marble Nails

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at nail art? Creating your own look and getting creative? Well, now you can! Take a peek at these 35 simple nail art tutorials that are perfect for beginners and dip your toes or hands into it. How about you turn your nails into a galaxy? With just a little effort, and a few nail polish bottles, you can make your own galaxy manicure in a few minutes.

Get our tutorial here! Get the tutorial here! Some birds lay the most beautiful eggs, and if you want, you can replicate that design rather easily. Get the tutorial from coyarose on Insta.

Another really cool idea is to paint some silver leaves on your nails. The result is absolutely adorable and the tutorial comes from here. We found another really cute idea on Instagram — painting a frame on your nails.

With a base coat down, you can paint the frame in a different color for each nail, resulting in this cute summery pattern. Love it! Pic comes from beautybyelleantonia. Paint your nails blue and then add some really cute white flowers on the sides of the nails. Sometimes, you have to keep things simple, so how about this cute design that features a french-like manicure with neon colors and plenty of black speckles?

How about you make your nails look like marble? These watermelon nails may look intricate but anyone can recreate this look by The Nailasaurus. But, with the right colors, it can be made right at home. Cover them in glitter, tape a design, paint and peel!

A minimal design from Pshiiit opens us up to so many easy designs. The contrast is brilliant and its quite simple to recreate with the right materials. But this floral design can be done by even the beginners. Layers and swirling of metallic pinks and turquoise come together to create quite the stunner. Over at Yes Missy you can find the tutorial for these heart-shaped tips.

All Day Chic provides us with a simple technique for creating colorblocked nails. A single stripe can really make a difference when designed your nails. At Isla Everywhere you can learn how to recreate this easy, simple look within a bat of an eyelash. Divine Caroline gives us another intricate design but one that can be recreated by novice stylers. Just follow the easy steps provided and get creative with this funky pineapple look.

Polish Your Pretty shows us how to make the adorable print that will never go out of style … but on our nails! Chalkboard Nails featured some incredible nail art. And this one is no exception. Learn how to make your fingernails melt with metallic as you follow their easy video tutorial. At A Beautiful Mess you can learn how to utilize nail wraps as you design your own look with them. This geometric look was made easy, go see how! Quite Polished has an easy way to create the snowing feature.

Cupcakes and Cashmere created some nails inspired by mermaid colors. Not ever design has to be added to every nail. Instead this glittery addition can just be an accent.

Chevron is one of the trendiest of patterns. A gradient, ombre effect is just as chic on your nails as it is in fashion. Inspired by kitchen tiles, learn how to make another funky, geomtric design from Nailed It. And remember, you can use any colors you choose! Hole reinforcers never came in handy like this before. Sonailicious made a checkerboard print, right on her nail bed. And we love its contemporary feel and sleek touches. Of course, the classic, black and white color combinations helps with that look.

Horizontal lines are just another way to dress your nail with chic styling. And finally, Divine Caroline shows us an easy way to turn your nails into miniature ice cream cones. And yes, this one if for beginners too! Just follow the directions. We hope you have a bunch of cool new ideas to try out whenever you feel like doing your manicure next. Imagination is your only limit here, so dive right in and try them all out. Your email address will not be published.

Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project. Home Fashion. Sign up. Cute, I may start doing these once I really start doing my nails! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Find more ideas. Go to gallery.

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