How to entertain a crowd on stage

how to entertain a crowd on stage

17 Interactive Entertainment Ideas For Large Crowds

Hiring the best music bands is another way to entertain a large crowd. Hire corporate event performers to entertain the crowd if it is a corporate event. Mar 20,  · The crowd can see that you love what you’re doing by the way you act on stage. The more you engage your audience, the more engaging you become. is a .

Very few. And chances are the ones who made an impact probably made you laugh, too. But funny gets rave how to remove rust and paint from metal. Funny gets asked to speak again. And again.

Or a joke writer. Or a ham. Some people may are particularly gifted, sure. And when you see it that way, you can learn to use it like anything else. When you share laughter and humor with other people, you build up trust and camaradie with others.

He told me about this study, led by neuroscientist Robert Provine and published in the International Journal of Behavioural Biology, which found that in 99 percent of the cases observed, laughter functioned more as punctuation at the end of statements, in response to mundane statements, and nothing that would be deemed funny outside that context.

This is great— because it means that you, too, can get great, real laughs in your talk, too. Think your subject matter is too serious for laughs? Think again. A speaker who deftly handles a difficult or serious topic can actually earn big laughs—because in so doing, he gives the audience the much-needed chance to relieve tension. So how can you get more laughs on stage?

Be honest instead. You know who gets the most pained pity laughs ever? The person who is trying too hard. Instead, try being just blatantly honest. I know it works because I do it all the time. They say things other people would filter out. This, by the way, is why a little self-deprecation goes a long way to winning over an audience.

As opposed to an insufferable blowhard. That got a laugh. Because the fact is, we have all done this. I still do it. That would not have gotten a laugh. It works because you can see it. But you know what will? When you admit that you started hurling unflattering epithets at the Verizon customer service agent while knee deep in a bag of Ding Dongs. The funny is in the granular. What makes pop culture references work is because, again, it lends specificity. It puts us in a place in time—a specific time, one how to calculate price earnings ratio all shared and remember and perhaps are nostalgic for.

It can get a laugh because it allows us to remember it and we feel included by it. My rule is this: Know what purpose that reference serves. Is it a cutting commentary on something happening in our culture? The more mainstream the better, usually. This is why a reference to Duran Duran is going to get more laughs from an adult audience than Drake. Then again, it depends. People love to be reminded of where they came from, their shared history, things they can laugh at now.

Making just the right cultural reference, be it to older songs or movies, foods or fashions, or something we all used to be into but are embarrassed about now?

Again, consider the crowd and what purpose that reference serves. I had the chance to study under comic Jim David, a very successful standup who has performed for decades. He said joke writing is a mathematical equation, and anyone can learn it. Jokes are, he said, simply a series of hard left turns. You see this technique lots of places, by anyone trying to entertain and engage how to get a dissolution of marriage else—so you see it in comedy sure but also compelling narratives and great advertising, novels, horror movies, you name it.

It requires that you know what someone anticipates or assumes, and then—surprise! Think about what your audience anticipates, and then, hang a left when they least expect it. Want to learn how to crush it on stage?

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2. Create the illusion of direct eye contact

Oct 17,  · Think about ways to liven up an event crowd by starting the day off with a morning wake-up by performers. You can have a local band come in, circus performers, musicians, or fire throwers – think of ways that tie into your overall theme of the event, and have your audience members included in the performance. Jun 04,  · The crowd will only be as enthusiastic as you are! So go into the small shows and your practices with the same energy and confidence as your big shows. You’ll get the audience on your side in no time. Conclusion: Stage Presence. Stage presence will always be one of the most important – and most confusing – parts of being a musician. Jun 05,  · Think about what your audience anticipates, and then, hang a left when they least expect it. When done right, your audience will be surprised and delighted to be along with you for the ride, and they’ll remember you long afterward, too. Want to learn how to crush it on stage?

Here are 16 ways to engage a greater number of attendees all at the same time. Big crowds can be difficult to please, particularly because there is usually limited space and communication across a vast amount of people can be difficult. However, it is important to be engaging and get people involved so they get the most from your event and absorb the message you are trying to get across. Going interactive with your entertainment appeals to attendees on an emotional level and allows them to associate positive feelings with your event, making it more memorable.

This experience also increases the chances of loyalty and develops a quicker relationship with guests which increases the chances of being recommended the best kind of event marketing there is as well as improved attendance for recurring events. With this in mind, we have selected some fantastic ways to have fun with your audience as well as get them involved! Accommodating large numbers all at once, synthetic ice rinks are energy conscious and environmentally friendly. Give guests of all ages a unique experience to get active.

Quizzes are a great way to engage the audience, even with large numbers, if you keep it fast paced and have the right MC. Teams can write the answers down and have scores marked at the end or use an event app or iPad for instant scoring and a leaderboard of results.

You can make fun mini-games such as, the best team name based on the event theme and bonus rounds with giveaways attached. If you use tech you can use images, videos, puzzles and other interactivity and even have time limits and lock out screens so there is no cheating or distraction! Enhanced technology means that you can use large digital screens to display games that are controlled by audience participation.

For example, audience voice activated arm wrestling involves splitting the crowd in half and giving them, two separate sounds e. The software picks up the sounds and the loudest sounds win the game. This results in the digital display showing it as an arm wrestling match. There are plenty of other options, from table tennis to soccer on screen, with different interaction techniques but it is bound to get the crowd pumping. With attendees putting increasing importance on health, fitness workshops or those ideas with healthy undertones can always be a hit.

Have a leader on stage taking the crowd through the warmup and exercises, play some upbeat music and get everyone moving. Although this is most effective with large open areas festivals are also quite compatible you can still make this work with limited space by adapting the type of exercises and opting for intermittent high-intensity moves on the spot.

If you have large crowds but minimal space, particularly for staging, you can get on their level by having interactive wait staff. This could be in the form of singing or dancing staff as well as impersonators, rollerbladers or wearable tables all serving food and drinks while interacting with guests.

Ideas like this get people talking and act as conversation starters as well as memorable ideas and experiences. These can not only be fun but functional too and they encourage everyone to have a go and bring out their creative side.

This can be upscaled to suit an array of contributors at once for larger crowds, or individuals can publish and be photographed with their masterpieces, or even have their design printed onto branded event merchandise, such as tote bags or t-shirts.

Digital graffiti walls could also be integrated into the event feedback plan where attendees can draw in response to questions or convey feelings about the event itself. Particularly effective in large crowds, this involves buying specific candy in pairs or groups make sure you have various different types. Tape them underneath the chairs before the event starts, and when it is time for the game get attendees to match themselves into teams according to their candy bars.

You can then require that the group presents all empty wrappers up to the front and also remember to try and buy candy in even numbers so you have equal groups at the end to follow on to different games. Alternatively you can add branding or stickers to non-descript, budget candy and give them their own names to match as a unique sponsorship opportunity.

They also tend to make attendees feel more comfortable and informal by holding, what is often, a foam cube or shape rather than an awkward microphone up to their face which can make some feel uncomfortable. Large photo props that can be released into the crowd to take photos with are excellent photo opportunities and will very quickly find their way on social media. From large frames to giant sunglasses or handheld masks there are plenty of options available that could also be incorporated into the event theme.

If you have the available space, an open photo booth with a green screen is an excellent idea to enhance the experience, but whatever you do, make sure you brand the props with your logo or event hashtag so that you are getting the marketing benefit as well.

It makes the venue more interactive as a whole while attendees look upwards and can make use of dead space without impacting the floor area if you have a large crowd or audience. Aerial performers also add a thrill element because they are so high up and above the attendees that they feel a part of the act itself. You can use them to explore the venue and all areas of your event, including your event partners and sponsors and even less explored or hidden areas or your trade show.

Alternatively, set the hunt to explore the grounds or the city outside the venue. For wow-factor entertainment, mentalists can leave an impact if they are done correctly. They are usually a stage show but can also do miniature tricks if you prefer to have walking or mingling entertainment.

In essence, a mentalist is a type of magician whose tricks are demonstrated using mental capabilities, such as mind reading, which is both memorable and gets several audience members involved. It also gets attendees talking afterward and discussing what they have just seen. The criteria could be decided based on event or brand themes or if it is a corporate event it could be linked to professions and services they offer to highlight industry professionals.

This also allows others to easily pinpoint who to talk to later on and encourage networking. This can usually be achieved by using projectors and tracking cameras for different effects; some involve moving scenes being displayed with elements interacting with the user as they walk past e.

Alternatively, you could have a game where attendees have to run and catch different elements to create a high score, creating an interactive floor game. This could be incorporated on larger floor areas or upscaled to suit interactions with more guests.

A simple and easy game that also works with seated attendees, and helps those on stage interact with an audience better. Note that this would be an excellent application for throwable mics.

Everything from beach balls, balloons, confetti, giant inflatables or even bubbles or fake snow can make the experience more magical and photo worthy, particularly with huge crowds and audiences.

Particularly good ideas for concerts or festivals or for the grand finale. If you have two blocks of flat floor seating in front of the stage why not launch two or more, giant, different colored, 6 ft balloons from the back of the hall and see which side can return their balloon s back to the stage the fastest? Music is emotive so it can be an excellent entertainment idea that appeals to many attendees and can even change people's mood and perceptions.

Make this more interesting by having unique instruments or something different, for example dueling pianos on stage. You could also split the crowd into groups and have a musical riff-off against one another, or have them complete musical challenges such as singing lines one after the other to create an echo effect and for ultimate group participation.

Enhancing user experience is important with a large audience because it is easy for attendees to feel like just another face in the crowd and not relate to your event or message. Get the crowd involved, think about how to make the best use of your space and get creative with an element of delight and surprise.

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