How to factory reset acer iconia a500

how to factory reset acer iconia a500

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Recovery and Fastboot Mode

Jun 20, Buy the Acer Iconia A - is a video on how to perform both methods of factory reset on a Acer Iconia A Tablet. Soft reset and. Restore with hard reset or Recovery mode your Acer Iconia Tab A can solve problems that have not been solved with a normal factory reset. 1- First turn off your Acer Iconia Tab A completely. If you can not unlock the screen, press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds and the phone will turn off/10(36).

Log in or Sign up. Android Tablet Forum. Aug 3, 1. Switch off 2. If display goes on: Release power but hold vol-up 3. Erasing Cache. Last edited: Aug 4, Like x 4. Aug 4, 2. Acer support tells a lot of people that. Where did you get the idea it was a secret? Dec 3, 3. Dec 22, 4. Aug 10, 5. I've tried doing a factory reset on my A and after displaying "Erasing Cache", the screen blacks out and it goes back to being stuck on the Acer screen again. Aug 12, 6. Jul 16, 7. As sugested above. Install your rom reboot into recovery.

Then boot device. Do not allow Google tobrestore your what is meant by opaque and settings it backed up unchecked the boxes when awed while setting upngoogle account. I has a issue withbthis causing the issues you are having. Good luck. Qmobile Noir A Chics can be geeky smart toolkit whoooweeee. Last edited: Jul 22, Sep 14, 8.

Last edited: Sep 14, Oct 2, 9. Just an update. So it appears that I will be forced to reet to root my tablet to get iconis working. So I will attempt favtory load another rom and root the sucker - don't really want to do it. Hopefully get a few more years out of it. Douvie Update. I downloaded one of those "update. Loaded file on to a micro SD.

Put the card into the A external SD slot. And voila!! The A lives on. Now I have the great joy of setting the A up from scratch and retrieving all my apps. Pity about the data! Well it is a small iconix to pay I suppose. So people it may not be a hardware issue.

From what I could determine the OS, somehow, got tp. Last resett Oct 4, Oct 4, Can't use USB stick. You probably find that the SD reader kconia your computer hasn't detected that the previous SD card has been removed.

I had same problem. What is a swagger coach must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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Sep 26, Acer A hard reset: First method. Like many other Android devices, your tablet has a special option in Settings menu. So, you need to go to Settings Privacy and select Data Reset. Then you should confirm to delete all user data. Select Erase everything. This way you can do Acer A hard reset if your tablet is running. Oct 04, How to Factory Reset A (What Acer Support Won't Tell You!) | Android Tablet Forum. 1. Switch off2. Press Vol-up + Power3. If display goes on: Release power but hold vol-up3. Toggle Lock switch (On>Off>On>Off)Screen will display: Log in or Sign up. Android Tablet Forum. Acer Iconia Tab A won't turn on. Press and hold the power button; Drained/bad battery; The power switch is broken; Bad display; Bad logic board; Display frozen at Acer logo boot screen. Hardware reset; Try a factory data reset; Acer Iconia Tab A won't play sounds. Press the volume button; Turn off mute; Check your settings; Broken volume button; Broken speakers.

A common cause of a dead tablet may be a dead battery, especially if it has not been used recently. First try to plug it into your computer or the AC adapter and charge it.

If that does not work, then the battery must be replaced. Another cause of an unresponsive tablet can be that the power button itself is broken. First make sure that it is properly in place, then check the wiring and connections. If a wire is cut, or if the button is missing, then you may need a replacement. It is possible that nothing appears to be happening because the display is bad or broken.

If there is nothing wrong with the battery, then it is possible that the display is bad and must be replaced. If your display seems to be frozen, refer to the section below on a frozen boot screen. Be sure to check all other options before hand. If neither of these causes were responsible for your unresponsive tablet, then the logic board itself may be bad. First check all of the wires and connections from the display to the logic board.

If they are all connected properly, but the tablet still does not respond, then you may need to replace the logic board. Try a hardware reset and see if this fixes the issue.

The button is in a pinhole in the lower right corner of the tablet near the USB port. Warning, this will erase all of your personal information, all stored contacts and any programs you have installed on your tablet. Verify that your settings allow you to play certain sounds. Some settings allow the tablet to only play certain types of sounds such as notifications, MP3, or other forms of media.

Depending on how the settings are set, all types of sounds may be disabled. It is a possibility that the volume may be jammed or not working at all. If the volume button is jammed, it is possible for it to be stuck on putting the volume down. If the volume button is not functioning at all, then the tablet will not respond when button is pressed and you may have to replace the volume button.

In the case that none of the above solved the problem, it is possible that the speakers inside the tablet may be malfunctioning and in need of replacing. Sometimes the wiring or connection could be disrupted or broken. In this case, first make sure that the buttons are properly in place, then check the wiring.

If a button is missing, or the wiring is bad, then a replacement is necessary. It could be possible that the buttons are jammed. If this is the case, try pressing the buttons repeatedly in order to unstick them, or make sure that they are in the right location. If this does not work, you may have to replace the unresponsive buttons. The tablet's battery life is too short and way below the advertised 8 hour performance life.

It is possible that you are running too many applications at the same time, causing the battery to consume more power and die faster. Some applications consume more battery life than others.

For example, playing a movie on the tablet will consume more power than opening an email. The types of applications running are a factor in how long a battery lasts.

The cause could be that the battery is dead. Plug it into the adapter and make sure it charges. If it does not charge, then it may be a bad battery. It is possible that the battery may be faulty.

If all else fails, the battery is most likely in need of replacement. I got the first tablet home and immediately had trouble turning it on. The "new" replacement unit does the same thing. NO company should be putting on the market thousands, if not millions, of defective products. Buyer Beware. I have come to the conclusion that every time I buy anything, especially a computer related product, I'll have to do more than just read glorified IT reviews and search all the user complaints for the real info on the product.

It pulls up something like the "this app is loading slowly" and would give you the option to wait or exit that app but it says "Unfortunately, the process com. It does this until it drains its battery and when i charge it to see if it stops, it does it again. Do you know what is going on? July The bar at the bottom of my Acer tablet that contains the home back and tab buttons is staying up all the time as of recently can't get it to go back down can't see some things because of it,anyone any ideas how to fix this.

Fix Your Stuff. Acer Iconia Tab A Troubleshooting. Edit Options History. Acer Iconia Tab A won't turn on. Press and hold the power button. The power switch is broken. Bad display. Bad logic board. Display frozen at Acer logo boot screen. Hardware reset.

Try a factory data reset. Acer Iconia Tab A won't play sounds. Press the volume button. Turn off mute. Check your settings. Broken volume button. Broken speakers. Buttons are unresponsive. Missing buttons. Jammed buttons. Battery Life Span Too Short. Running Too Many Applications. Dead Battery. Malfunctioning Battery. Add Comment. Load more comments. Add Comment Cancel. View Statistics:.

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