How to fix a broken glass bong

how to fix a broken glass bong

How to Repair a Broken Bong Percolator

Apr 09,  · Support our channel and become a Patron at a favorite piece of yours break can be a heart shattering moment. In this video, Purr. Apr 03,  · Step 1: Using the Glass Cutter - wash your bong from the inside and outside with dishwasher tabs and hot water (that yellow thingy is the rest of a tab that didnt dissolve properly) - then dry it off well on the outside - find a stable and easily turnable position to (ideally) cut a perfect ring around the neck of your bong.

You broke your glass bong how to fix a broken glass bong rather than investing in a new one, you want to fix it yourself. Good choice. Keep in mind there are a number of ways to break a glass bong, from a crack during cleaning to a total shatter on the floor. Not all are repairable. If your bong is still fairly intact, with just a clean break or some cracks and chips, you may be able to repair it with some products that are easy to get your hands on.

With so many ways to damage a bong, there is no cure-all to fix all types of damage. The first thing you need to do how to make hovercraft working model make sure the bong is repairable at all. Some damage cannot be reversed. However, if the damage is more along the lines of a single crack, chip or busted piece, the bong may be salvageable.

Now you ot have to decide what method will work best to fix your bong based on the damage incurred. Food grade silicone can be a great option for bong repairs.

Instead, it should be used in cases like cracks or chips in the body or connecting joints of the piece. Not glamorous, and definitely not as discreet as food-grade silicone, duct tape is a handy option for bong repair. Only go for this method if you care about not spending money on a blng bong, and not if you care about the way it looks. If your bong has incurred bonv cracks or chips, duct tape does a good job of sealing it up and keeping it together and functional.

If the damage is near the base of the bong, duct fixx may help provide a seal, but should only be used temporarily. Epoxy adhesives are useful for repairing bongs in some situations as well. And like silicone, epoxy can be used for cracks and dings in the glass. Silicone, duct tape, and epoxy are all common products used to repair a bong. They all have their flaws, but they work better than other options some people try. Poor choices to fix a glass bong include superglue, putty sealants, and similar products.

Beyond its obvious flaw of not bonding to glass, it also could have chemicals that are harmful to humans.

And then there is Loctite glass glue, which does bond to glass, but also contains harmful substances for humans. That leaves you with the choice of finding a how to raise a confident teenage girl or just purchasing a new bong.

If your bong is both repairable and has a lot of sentimental value, it may be a good idea to leave its repairs to the professionals. Depending on your location, you may have rboken large selection of bong and glass repair people near you.

Others may have to do a great deal of searching to find a professional who can repair their piece. Check-in with local headshops and see if anyone can point you in the right direction. If all else fails, it may be time to purchase a new bong and hope for a safer life with it.

We ohw make mistakes and breaking a beloved piece is seemingly inevitable, but sometimes all you can do is move on from the experience.

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Batch of Glass is the industry leader in broken bong repair with best turnaround times & prices! Searching for a solution on how to how to fix broken glass bong? Look no further! Searching for a solution on how to how to fix a broken glass bong? Look no further! Batch of Glass is the industry leader in glass repair with best turnaround times & prices! Aug 30,  · Adhere the broken piece of glass pipe to the other piece. Hold it in place until the glass cools down and the two pieces stick together without being held. Set the glass pipe aside on a piece of newspaper or foil and wait until it cools Wendy Rose Gould.

So, your favorite piece broke — It happens. Whether you accidentally dropped your triple honeycomb percolated stemless water-pipe , or your irascible cat Mr. Velvetbeard knocked over your proto-Gandalf bubbler out of pure feline psychopathy, the damage is done. But that need not be the end of your bong's story. Whether its ceramic, plastic, or glass, the material your bong is made of will greatly influence what steps to take next. Bongs and bubblers are often either glass or plastic acrylic , whereas smoking pipes can be made from a larger field of materials.

Most glass bongs are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and strengthened in an annealing process, making them harder to repair. If your bong is in more pieces than you have fingers or if you are trying to patch a hole larger than a pea, you might be looking at an act of futility. Barring those severe cases, chips, cracks, and clean breaks can all be healed with a little prep work and glue. Food Grade Silicone is non-toxic and waterproof. The silicone method works on areas of your bong where the tube meets the base or other similar joints.

Best when repairing chips or cracks in the glass. Not useful in sealing areas that are frequently handled. Can be put over non-waterproof glues. Created by polymerizing a mixture of resin and hardener. There are dozens of brands to choose from that bond to glass, look for non-toxic, heat-resistant or both. Besides a glass meld, this is the longest-lasting fix, although if the bond is left submerged, it can become "waterlogged" and leak.

This method works best on fixing bongs with clean breaks. So, if you are left with particularly pointy pieces to mend, you might want to invest in a glass cutter.

Scoring and snapping off the jagged pieces to create the clean break. High grit sand-paper can be employed to smooth out any rough areas before applying the epoxy. Similar look and usage to super-glue but chemically different, this unique butyl formula bonds to the glass. Loctite glass works best on small cracks and bowl-pieces.

It may require frequent touch-ups to continue to seal. This most common of household glues does not stick to the glass. It can seal small gaps and cracks in plastics and most other materials though. Super-glue suffers all the negatives of Loctite Glass in addition to not bonding to glass. Best used in small quantities on acrylic. These sealants share a putty-like consistency that can be shaped and molded into cracks and crevices.

All three putties are waterproof; JB Weld and Quick Steel are similar products and will harden after curing, plumber's putty will not dry or harden, remaining pliable long after application. None of these products should be used if the crack or break is anywhere near the bowl of your pipe, as they all contain toxic chemicals.

Wrapped around a crack, duct tape can seal airtight, adding strength. It can also be temporarily watertight. This is either your last resort while camping or your first thought on how to fix a broken bong. All safety precautions and equipment should be used, probably best left to the professionals. Glass will only begin to melt at temperatures over degrees Fahrenheit C so butane and propane torches will struggle to achieve those temps.

An acetylene torch and kiln are your best bet to thoroughly heat the affected areas and fully meld the glass together. This is always an option if you feel like you are incapable of fixing your broken bong. Depending on the original cost of the piece or how sentimental you feel about it, you may well find it appropriate to hire a pro. This means free of all resin, tape, or any glues you previously tried to fix it with.

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