How to make mini scrapbook albums

how to make mini scrapbook albums

Mini Scrapbook Album in a Box

Mar 03,  · In this course you will lean how to make your own one of a kind scrapbook mini album. We will create our books building from the hard covered book to the pa Author: Curious Mondo Live Online Art Courses. Sep 01,  · Hello Paper Crafting Friends, This is a Video Tutorial with written Instructions for how to make a Mini Album from start to finish. I have used Mintay Berrylicious papers to decorate the album. The album is a tribute to our cat Honey who recently passed away. How to Make a Mini Album Video Tutorial Below is the Video Tutorial which takes you through how to make the album from start to .

Record important life moments and milestones in one of these mini scrapbooks. While they're great as standalone scrapbooks, many of them are also perfect for adding to a larger scrapbook when you need a little more room to share some extra special memories.

They also make fabulous gifts for family members, teachers, coaches, and friends, who will treasure the thought and effort involved in putting them together. The best part is scrapbooi you can easily complete each of these DIY scrapbook projects in a day or less.

This three-by-four-inch mini scrapbook has eight pages, each of which has a small pocket that can hold photos, memorabilia such as ticket stubs, small notes, or journaling tags.

The scrapbook-in-a-box is a mini book that unfolds accordion-style from a small decorated box to reveal photos, journaling, and other embellishments. This scrapbook can easily be created in just a few hours and is perfect for gift-giving for the holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation, or any other special occasion. Can't fit all your favorite photos on a single scrapbook page? This mini accordion fold scrapbook is a neat and decorative way to pack in even more memories.

Use it whenever you have too many photos and not enough space in a scrapblok. This tutorial is also simple for kids to follow so they what does a caddy carry create their own mini DIY scrapbooks to help them remember special occasions.

Merging digital with analog, this mini album allows you to incorporate your photos, embellishments, and journaling with a CD of recorded music or video clips on every page. Each page of the book has a pocket that you can embellish like a scrapbook page; once decorated, you'll insert CDs into the pockets. This versatile book has a large pocket on every page.

It can be used as a family recipe hlw that will be treasured for generations, as a personal organizer, or to hold photos, cards, and other ephemera. All you need is a single sheet of cardstock to make this DIY mini scrapbook. The book can stand on its own and contains six sides to decorate. It makes a fabulous little gift book, and it can also be attached to a larger scrapbook page when you need more room for journaling and photos.

Mini scrapbooks give you a chance to turn trash into treasure, allowing you to repurpose CD holders, empty mint tins, and other scgapbook you'd otherwise throw away into timeless mementos. This article shows you how to make a scrapbook in an empty die box——recycling at its best. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content.

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Jan 03,  · Supplies needed to make your own quick scrapbook ideas mini album: A2 Craft Envelopes: 50 pack; Extra-Strength Glue Stick; Trees and Mountains Craft Dies; Foamies White Glitter Alphabet Stickers; Darice 16mm Mini White Flower Bling Stickers; Various patterned paper scraps, and cardstock scraps; Let me show you how to put an envelope album together! Apr 05,  · The tutorial is in PDF format and contains approximately 50 pages of EXTREMELY DETAILED step-by-step instructions from start to finish and PHOTOS I took as I was creating the album: making the interactive pages, making the covers and spine, binding the pages into the album, making the closure and ideas for embellishing the cover and spine with your own supplies. Measurements are included for every page, flap, pocket, tag, etc. you will need to construct this exact album. Sep 08,  · hey guys in this video we show you scrapbook | scrapbook ideas | scrapbook tutorial | how to make a scrapbook | scrapbook for beginners | how to make scrapbo.

Today we have such a cute scrapbook idea for you! Below is a tutorial for making an accordion fold style mini scrapbook album in a box. The box is such a cute addition to your next mini album! I absolutely love creating mini albums with all kinds of binding techniques, shapes and sizes. Today we are making an accordion fold style mini scrapbook using Maggie Holmes new Heritage Collection.

This cute scrapbook idea is really easy to create. I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you!

Thanks for stopping by the Maggie Holmes Blog! Xo, Kathleen. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I used the papers Perennial , Postmarked and Library from the Heritage collection. Using a bone folder tool will make this step much easier and your folds much nicer. Third, you will attach the single pieces to each other.

You can either glue them together completely or leave an opening on one side or at the top to create a little pocket. Alternatively, you can also use washi tape to adhere the pages together. The thickness depends on how many pages you add. You can follow the steps using any paper and make it fit any style or theme. You can make it as big or small as you want by adding more or less pages. By following these simple steps you will already have a base that you can work with.

Then, it is easy and fun to fill it with your photos! You can keep it simple, only adding photos, or you can embellish it to your liking and add journaling as well. Simply choose a pocket or envelope and adhere it to one of the pages. You can also fill some pages completely with a photo and not have any paper showing from behind. Use your sewing machine for scrapbooking: When you add machine stitching or hand-stitching, you can get a lot of nice texture.

You can also use your sewing machine to create pockets on the pages. Ideas for Embellishing Your Accordion Style Mini Scrapbook: Add dimension: When you use things like the chipboard stickers, it keeps everything from being too flat. Mix different kinds of embellishments for variety: You can mix different things such as cardstock and chipboard stickers with ephemera pieces.

Layer and collage things together as you go. Repeat design and art elements: When you repeat certain elements like the houses in my album, for example you can create a coherent look. This also allows to create more of a theme or story in your mini scrapbook. How to Complete Your Scrapbook Mini Album in a Box: Add a closure to your mini accordion style album: I used a leatherette cord and tied it around to close it. You can use any durable string, leather or twine.

I also strung one of the silhouette charms onto the cord — I love to use charms! Create a cute box for your mini album: This is a great idea for storing your mini album. Also, you can use it as a gift box if you are gifting your handmade album to a friend or family member. You can create your box by hand or use an electronic die cutting machine if you have one. Just make sure that the measurements of the box will accommodate the mini album plus whatever you might want to add in the box, too.

For the box I used the B-side of the Generations paper on the outside and decorated it with a doily, some butterflies in different sizes and a chipboard sticker. You Might Also Like. Beautiful Layered Florals March 23, May 13, Previous Post Next Post. Three years ago Our Christmas Eve photo of the kids felt a lot sma.

I have been SO excited to share this collaboration. They are my everythi. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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