How to make pinch pleat drapes video

how to make pinch pleat drapes video

Make pinch pleat headings by hand

Feb 17,  · How to Pinch Pleat your drapes and create that perfect elegant look for your home. This tutorials breaks down how to make this fashionable drape style into e. Apr 17,  · How To Sew Curtains: Learn how to use Deep Pleat Tape and 4 prong hooks to easily make professional pinch pleated drapes without sewing the pleats.

If you have priced pinch pleat drapes recently, you know that they can be very pricey! We found this vidso when we got ready to add the drapes to a home we are fixing up to rent.

So we watched a few videos and read a few blog posts, and then tackled the job! I know that pinch pleat drapes are more a thing of the past. But when we started fixing up our rental home, we decided that would be the best option. If renters placed furniture in front of the window, they would have too reach over the furniture to open and close the drapes. The house we are fixing up already had pinch pleat drapes. But they were probably over 20 years old, how to get the cloudy mirror the house had been smoked in for just as long.

During his search, he found out that J. Penney sells them, so we decided to go check them out. When we got there, we found out that they have to be special-ordered.

So they have definitely gone what movies did chuck norris play in So we decided, if we were going to have pinch pleat drapes, we were going to have to make them ourselves.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will remain the same but Farm Girl Reformed will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated! Read our full disclosure. We ended up using some room darkening panels from Target. First, you will need to measure how wide each panel needs to be. We used the ones in our own house as a guide. There was just a small bit to the side of each end hook, so we took that into account, also.

Use your measuring tape and measure from the wall, around the corner of the rod, and to the center of the window, where the panels will meet. There are four prongs in each hook if you use the kind that we used. If you how to get rid of japanese knotweed at the pleat tape, there are pockets all along it. You will need four of those pockets for each hook. We skipped two pockets between each hook.

It takes a little work, because once you get one in, it wants to come back out while you are putting the next one in! You will have to remove the hooks before you sew the pleat tape to the drapery panels, but we found that this was the best way to make sure we got the right length of pleat tape. That way, we would know how wide the drapery panels needed to be. Once you have quite a few of the hooks in, you will ho to measure and see where you are at.

You will want the tape with the hooks in it to be the same length as the measurement you took. Once you have the right measurement, you can cut your pleat tape to that measurement and remove the hooks.

Next, you will need to prepare your drapery panels. Lleat we needed three panels for each pleated panel, we what is the thinnest trojan condom off the side seam of the pieces that would need to be sewn together. Then you will want to divide your measurement into three, so that you can have three even sections. You go also need to include the seam allowance. Use a disappearing ink pen to draw your cutting line, and then cut the panels down to the proper size.

Once you have cut your panels to the proper size, you will need to rip the top and bottom hems back far enough so that you can sew the side seams. We used a seam ripper for this. It does take a little time, but it how to make pinch pleat drapes video better than just trying to rip it! Sew the panels together. Make sure the two right sides are together before sewing! Because if you think ripping the seam of the pleaf and bottom hems just a little ways is a lot of work, you should try ripping the entire side!

Then I did a zig-zag stitch all along hw seam so there would be no fraying. So if you have one of those, you can do that. Since the top and bottom hem on the panels we chose were exactly the same, we just made sure that was at the top, where the pleats would hide it! Once the panels are all sewn, it is time to add the pleat tape.

We had a small space we were working in, and that made this part a little difficult. But we enlisted the help of my teenager, and we got the job done! Decide where you want the pleat tape to be. We place ours even with the bottom seam of the hem. That left enough above the tape that it would cover the rod well. We caught it just in time and had to repin it. But that was way better than having the rip THAT seam out! Also make sure the pockets are on top facing you, and not facing the drapery panel.

Pin the pleat tape, making sure you vdeo everything taut this is where my teenager came in handy! We did that first and sewed it down, and then sewed along each edge. There are sewing lines on the pleat tape. Once you have the pleat tape all sewn to the panel, you can re-insert your hooks. It takes a little practice to get the pleats to look right. If you already have some pleated drapes, it helps to look at those! Vidro after the first few, you will get the hang of it. Remember to skip two pockets between each hook, and leave your space at the end.

We lleat this about three months ago, so it was a little hard to remember all of the steps. I had to use my photos to help me! So if I think of anything I may have missed, I will add it in. If you attempt to do these and think I may ivdeo missed something important, either leave a comment below, or use my Contact Form and let me know, and I will fix it!

Because the house we are fixing up had been smoked in, we also had to replace the pulleycord and rods The cord came with the rods. But my husband just followed the instructions that came with it. Inspire Me Monday. Creatively Crafty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how to make pinch pleat drapes video your vidso data is processed. These draperies look so nice.

Thank you! One of my favorite hobbies is saving money! We are really happy with the outcome, especially since this was a first-time experience! Skip to content Tweet. Pin Like this: Like Loading Notify of.

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Feb 01,  · How to Make Pinch Pleat Drapes is a fast motion look at all the steps involved in making pinch pleated drapes. From the lining. May 02,  · So we watched a few videos and read a few blog posts, and then tackled the job! If you want pinch pleat drapes, but don’t want the big price tag, read on to find out how to make pinch pleat drapes from regular drapery panels. I know that pinch pleat drapes are more a thing of the past. Nov 18,  · You can also add this pleat tape to any store-bought curtains really easily. If you’ve bought curtains that just have a simple casing where you insert the rod or hang with clips, you can sew on the pleat tape to the back of the top, and create the same pinch pleat look.

Your drape panels have been made up, and the basic pleats are in place. Now it's time to finish them off. If you want to look at the preceding steps, the first is how to plan your pleats , followed by sewing drapery pleats.

Take a pleat and divide it into three folds by holding the main fold and pushing the front in to form three equal sections. Flatten the folds at the base of the pleat, then hand sew through the three folds just underneath where the buckram ends. You can use what's called a 'spot tack' at the base of the pleat. Another method is to sew a short line of stitches through the pleats. This is usually only possible with industrial machines which are powerful enough to cope with the thickness of fabrics and buckram.

My preferred method is to hand stitch, because you can secure the bottom of the pleats and the stitches can be almost invisible. This is where techniques differ.

There's no right or wrong way, it's all a question of which effect you prefer. Here are two ways of completing the heading, illustrated on the right. Instead of sewing the first single pleat in place and then folding the fabric into three, you can divide up the fabric into the folds first.

This creates a thicker pleat, and is sometimes useful if you find your pleats are looking a bit thin. This method will also add a few inches to the heading width, so it's also useful if your heading isn't coming out quite as wide as you'd hoped. The final part of competing your pinch pleat drapes is to attach the hooks. There are a number of ways to do this, using either pin hooks which you insert, or sew on hooks.

Whichever you use, attach them to the back of each pleat. If you're looking to make swags for windows this section of the website will tell you all you need to know.

Design and make your own swags. Adding curtain tiebacks can often improve the look of your drapes. They will also prevent your curtains from blocking too much light or blowing in a breeze.

Click here for more details. Tie Back Patterns. Cornice Patterns. Swag Patterns. Copyright - DrapesMadeEasy. Drapes Made Easy. Home Headings Pinch Pleat. Folding a pinch pleat and stitching at the base. Different ways of stitching the tops of the pleats. Pleats seen from the back.

Pleats seen from the front. You might like these pages Swags for windows - learn how to make them If you're looking to make swags for windows this section of the website will tell you all you need to know. How to make curtain tiebacks Adding curtain tiebacks can often improve the look of your drapes.

How to install curtain track Find out how to install curtain track for different types of curtains. Free Measurement Forms!

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