How to paunch a rabbit

how to paunch a rabbit

Paunching a rabbit

The first thing is to pick your rabbit up, and hold it vertically with its head uppermost. Put your hand around its nether regions and give a good squeeze, you want to expel any urine that’s still contained in the bladder as this can quickly taint the meat. . May 26,  · Stephen Dunbar and Jason Doyle go to a dairy farm in Co Wexford to shoot rabbits for the table. Stephen shows a quick way to paunch a bunny - by treating it.

Archive for Downsizer For an ethical approach to consumption. Paunching a rabbit First, catch your rabbit Pzunch after they've been shot, give a good squeeze of the lower abdomen with the back of a fist, to squeeze any urine out of their bladders and prevent it spoiling the meat.

Tools required Spanners, hammers and the like are pqunch needed. I use a fine-bladed knife which is easy to get razor-sharp, and a Gerber gut hook, here modelled by Miss Deceased Rabbit. The gut hook helps to avoid splitting open the stomach - it unzips the rabbits without you having to slide knives into their innards. My missus calles the device the 'rabbit ripper'. First, take your knife and make a small incision on the breastbone.

How to get rid of lawn bugs through both the fur and the inner membrane doing this over the breastbone prevents the knife slipping in too far and splitting the stomach.

You really don't want to split the stomach. Then insert the gut psunch and pull downwards some manufacturers such as Buck Knives do knives with a gut hook built in. Never buy a cheap field knife - they're made from grotty steel and will never be really sharp. Removing the guts When you begin to roll out the digestive organs, remember to take care of the stomach sac.

This will be stuffed with grass and you really don't want it to break open. Pull the top of the stomach away from where it is attached, just above the liver. Pinch well to make sure you don't get any 'blowback' onto the meat.

This is why you don't want it to break open: Finally, pull back the pellets that are in the lower bowel before pulling it clear of the anus - pull it away inwards.

This prevents any unformed turds smearing across the how to get your name in the book of life. Your rabbit is now paunched and ready to be skinned. I simply lift the skin away from the body cavity wall and make the smallest nick in it, just enough to hook my finger inside and then pull the skin open. Using the point of a sharp knife I cut the next layer revealing the intestines and taking care not to rupture them I simply pull the whole lot out and its job done, twenty seconds if that max.

Tto than buying a probably expensive 'guthook' bladed knife, I find the 'stanley; hook blades for carpet cutting, do the trick rather nicely Actually, the Gerber gut hook was how to improve your mountain bike a tenner.

And the little knife was twenty. I think Buck do a knife with gut hook for about thirty quid. I've tried quicker measures, but when it's someone else's land I like to be able to roll the innards into a bag and take them all away, especially in the Summer. Rotting rabbit entrails reek to high heaven. As far as the gloves go, it's either gloves, or carring water, a towel etc, or ending up with sticky innards all over my gun.

In the past, I've actualy ground a hook into a blade. I used the hook that I created as a knot cutter and I'm sure it too have been useful for the function we are discussing.

Just bagged my first bunny this morning - thanks for the info! Noticed him q towards us up the track so got him from the bedroom window. After paunching, how long would you suggest hanging? Just skin and guts him ASAP. Let him cool and either cook him or freeze him as soon as he's cooled, especially in this sort of weather.

Not to worry - he how to paunch a rabbit paunched immediately as per instruction and I've phoned home and Kat's already skinned and jointed him.

Rabbit stew for dinner tonight. A light red to go with it perhaps? Bunny recipes article. He'll be okay with the guts in for a bit. I often get them a couple of days old after being shot as vermine, never had a bad one yet. Thanks so much for the clear instructions. Have just paunched my first road-kill rabbit. It's something I've wanted to learn for a few years, but a daunting task for an ex-veggie! Am new to how to paunch a rabbit site and haven't yet found instructions for skinning.

Any chance of pwunch instructions and pics for that? Obviously not in time for this bunny! Also have a concern about how to tell if a rabbit has myxomatosis.

Welcome Jane. I'm sure someone will be along who's skinned many more buns than I but it's very easy. Penny Outskirts. Hi Jane. Snip the feet off. Slide you fingers between the skin and the saddle where you've paunched the rabbit.

Go round both sides until you've made a pauncy. You'll see. Grasp the rabbit firmly and pull the skin off the back leggs and haunches. It maky take a bit of effort. Once that's done repeat at the front pulling the skin forward and over the head, slipping the front legs out as well. Chop the head off and play bunny puppets. I tend to just pull how to calculate angles in woodworking skin up as far as the neck and then chop off the head with the skin attached.

Which reminds me of a ghastly surreal trip to the West of Ireland with a couple of friends. We took rods and guns with the intention of being self-sufficient, and bagged a great many rabbits and very few fish. Over 10 days staying in a friend's cottage we had every conceivable rabbit recipe, and the daily routine would be to skin two or three bunnies in the little walled kitchen garden with a couple of large Powers whiskies to whet the appetitepeel the spuds and chuck the pelts over the wall for the foxes.

On the final day we did the dutiful clear-up, going round the house and garden to erase any trace of our stay which mainly involved a trunk full of booze bottles. And then someone thought to look on the other side of the kitchen garden wall. There was a gnarled and stunted old oak tree, on every branch of whch was draped an empty bunny, like some bizarre piece of contemporary art or a vegan's nightmare Christmas tree.

We hiw have pulled nearly 30 pelts off the tree! Jonnyboy's article can be found here. This is a great read, just what I rabnit looking for. Does anyone know how to fav a post? Hi Nelly, this is an old post of mine, I hope it might be of use to you. I recently saw a post by a Johnny Rambo type character on how to joint a rabbit. Well I ask you? He'd got how to play heatwave on guitar of the most oaunch looking knives, an axe and a humungous meat cleaver These are the tools pauunch I tend to use.

Even the secatuers are a bit of overkill, as you can snap the bones of the feet and cut them off with a knife. Cut the feet off with the secateurs at the equivalent to our wrist. Don't forget to do all four I always cut the tail off at this stage. Now this is the bit where you need to take a bit of care. Pull the skin up and nick it with the point of the knife being careful not to go into the body cavity.

Then just widen the hole with your fingers. Then you just peel it like a glove. Pull the fur right down over the head and then just cut the neck right the way around with the knife.

I always use the secateurs or a knife to cut down what time zone is traverse city mi the pelvic region.

Two nice joints - voila Then I cut the ribs and forelegs off. Which leaves me with the fore-quarters hpw saddle. I dont cut the front legs off, simply because they are just too small but this leaves 4 nice joints. The bit in my hand is the tail bone which I got rid of. The gow process took about 5 minutes and more to the point I still have all my fingers. Did you not illustrate removing the innards? Or did I miss it? Thats great thanks as well.

I missed the gutting bit but assume you do that before you skin it? S the secaters is a good idea sorry for the spelling! To skin, all I do is lift the skin on the spine, about half way back. Make a small hole, big enough for a couple of fingers. Poke a finger from each hand through the hole and pull in opposite directions.

The skin comes off very easily. Just ease off around the legs, and then chop off the little furry bits. You can do this before or after paunching, though I'd normally gut in the field and skin at home.

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Mar 06,  · holde head or front feet, locate the soft spot just under the bottom of the rib cage, stick your knife in and slice down towards the bottom, dont go to deep or youl sh*t bag it, but leave an opening big enough for your hand to get in. now grab the back feet and give it a flick motion, the guts will drop out slightly, now stick your hand towards the top disconect the cords pull all the guts out, and put em in a bag or just chuck them where the farmer . Snip the feet off. Slide you fingers between the skin and the saddle where you've paunched the rabbit. Go round both sides until you've made a handbag. You'll see. Grasp the rabbit firmly and pull the skin off the back leggs and haunches. It maky take a bit of effort. Nov 04,  · Hold the bunny with the head slightly higher than the hindquarters. Do not point its head down because the rabbit may then try to jump down, out of your arms, and may hurt itself. 2 Lift the rabbit carefully to your side (or in front of your mid abdomen), under your arm.

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