How to put mp3 files on ipod

how to put mp3 files on ipod

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Mp3 to iPod

Nov 10,  · Before transferring MP3 to iPod using iTunes, you need to update your iTunes to the latest version first. Check the detailed steps to copy MP3 to iPod with iTunes. Step 1. Open iTunes and click File > Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library to add your MP3 songs to iTunes Library. Author: Ashley Mae. Dec 05,  · How to Sync MP3 to iPod with iTunes Step 1: Run iTunes on your computer. Click the File menu in iTunes > select Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library Step 2: Click the View menuin iTunes > select Show Sidebar. Connect your iPod with your computer via a USB cable. When Step 3: Click your Author: Blandine Moreau.

Photo: ear buds image by Darrell Sharpe from Fotolia. Although newer versions of the iPod are capable what is the last tax day to file playing videos and running applications, the iPod is still primarily a music-playing device.

After installing the iTunes software, which is available as a free download from Apple's website, you can add MP3 files to your music library. Once a song or album has been added to your iTunes library, it can be transferred to your iPod using the iPod USB cable.

Download the iTunes 8 software from the Apple website see Resources for link and install it on your Mac or PC computer. Navigate to the location of the MP3 files that you want to put on your ipld, highlight the file names and click "Open. Go to "Music" under the "Library" heading on the left side of the iTunes window and find the MP3 songs that you want to put on your iPod.

Bennett Gavrish is an I. Gavrish received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University. Bennett Gavrish, Leaf Group. Step 3 Go to the "File" menu at the top of the screen and choose the "Add to Library" option. Step 4 Navigate to the location no the MP3 files that you want to put on your iPod, highlight the riles names and click "Open.

Step 6 Go to "Music" under the "Library" heading on the left side ipld the iTunes window and find lpod MP3 songs that you want to put on your iPod. References How to Transfer Music to an iPod.

Part 2. How to Put MP3 to iPod with iTunes

Apr 23,  · Click the "music" icon to show the music on your iPod. Then click the Add icon "+" on the right to choose the songs you hope to transfer from your computer. Click on the "Open" to start transferring. After the transferring, you can enjoy the MP3 files with your iPod on the go. Steve JobsInventor.

Find out a total of three methods proven to work perfectly for helping you copy MP3 music to iPod with and without iTunes. However, iTunes is not convenient when users want to use it for managing thousands of songs and videos. The good news is that apart from the iTunes, there are some other solutions available for you to transfer MP3 music to iPod. In this article, we are going to tell you how to transfer MP3 music to iPod with and without iTunes. The versions for both Windows PC and Mac are available for the software.

Step 1 After you install the dr. The program can detect your device and show you the main window below. Step 3" The software will scan your iTunes library automatically. Now select the music files you would want to transfer and then tap on "Transfer" button.

After this, the program will help you copy music from iTunes. MediaMonkey is a third-party free media player to play MP3 and other audio files on your Windows and Linux computer. If you're using Windows PC, you're supposed to download it from Apple official site firstly.

Step 2 Set up your iPod. By default, your iPod will automatically sync with your iTunes library. Step 3 Add your MP3 music to the iTunes library. Step 5 Click the Music tab, and make sure the playlist is ticked under the Selected playlists.

To make it work properly, please ensure that you have installed the latest version. When you transfer MP3 to iPod, you might encounter some common iTunes syncing errors listed below. When this happens, you may try to transfer MP3 files to iPod without iTunes.

Free Download Free Download. Basil Rathbone. Basil Rathbone Editor. You can move all your iPod music to Android devices without any fuss now.

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