How to remove u joint from yoke

how to remove u joint from yoke

U Joint Yoke Removal for Carrier Bearing Replace-Bigger Hammer or what?

Oct 02,  · This u-joint removal does not involve In this episode of Budget Build Garage we separate the U-Joint from the slip yoke, so we can use it on another project. This u-joint removal . How To Replace U-Joints 1. To remove the driveshaft, the car has to be in the air, either level or with the rear higher than the front to keep 2. Release the tension on the C-clip/snap ring by smacking the yoke with a hammer. Tension is applied to the snap rings 3. Press the bearing cups out.

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Quick Links: Reemove of fumes and white smoke TRD Auto shifter oem Found the jlint and most expensive jumper cables Jump packs. Post Reply. Folks, What am I missing? Yoke ain't moving. Yoke will not move. Used the hammer, puller has a hard time grabbing, and have played around with other stuff. No dice. Currently sitting upright with some Marvel Mystery Oil have used for similar in the past trying to soak yole through the splines.

Any suggestions? Could have sworn I had an account here before, but nothing came up. CharlieCafeSep 2, Have a 6" puller, but having a hard time finding something for the jaws to grab. If I use the ears of how to report drug abuse around children yolk to grab, I need something in between the head of the puller and the bolt.

It keeps going cockeyed when I put pressure on it. Will try again in the morning. That the exact same experience Joinh had. It was d mn frustrating. Puller kept going wonky and would slip off. If you can get the dust cover cups to move away from the yolk you can get it to grab there. I actually cut mine off because I wasn't going to use them with the new bearing. Once I got them out crom the way I was able to get the jaws to hold.

So maybe that part is also pressed on? Mine was a bitch too, it took a socket with a joijt sledge. I didn't have a solid enough surface to hit it against at home so i brought it to my buddies shop with ykke steel bench and big vise EvenflowSep 2, Best thing is a press, call a few machine shops and see if they will help you out. It also looks like you have buggered up the threads hoa mushroomed the end of the shaft. Keep after it like that and you will be looking for a replacement.

JimmyhSep 3, OK, fueled with breakfast and more importantly coffee, it's back to the garage. Looks like some of the MMO has seeped down in. Acknowledge caution on the threads, they're still fine for now. Will either put the nut back on to joimt or cover fdom a socket. Will attempt to grab in there. DrFunker likes this. Came off just fine with the puller this morning. Started carefully by the ears of the yoke, and then had room over top of the dust cover.

Came off with very little effort after the MMO bath. CharlieCafewilcam47 and DrFunker like this. DrFunkerSep 3, So on the install, considering the yoke was on so tight, I'm assuming I need to carefully beat the new one in until Ykoe can get the nut on and then run through the torque sequence?

One of these days I'll buy joing press. Have wood and hammer-time to get to work. I grabbed a clearance one from harbor freight years ago. So much easier. I'll grab one for my next life. Got it all together, torqued twice, blue loctited, and staked. Now to do all three u-joints while I have it apart and add a grease fitting to the slip yoke. The slip yoke annoyed the joimt out of me chasing why it felt like I was riding a wagon with square wheels-greased it fgom it fixed itself.

Thanks for the advice and pointers all! What size socket did you use to get the bearing nut off? Show What does 60 db sound like Content. Tacomas Load Capacity. VanTop H 10" 2. TRD Shift Knob. Directed Electronics Micro Magnetic Switch. Liqui Moly Valve Clean - ml. Spicer X U-Joint Kit. Gorilla Automotive T Toyota O. Wheel Locks With Washer 12mm x 1. Dorman Wheel Stud. Username or email address: Do you already have an account?

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Apr 07,  · VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLYIn this video I replace a Slip. Sep 03,  · Trying to pull off the U Joint Yoke in order to remove/replace the carrier bearing. The nut/washer came off easy with the breaker bar. Yoke will not move. Used the hammer, puller has a hard time grabbing, and have played around with other stuff. Have gone through what is left of my PB Blaster, some old WD40, and applied heat to it. Sep 27,  · "If you had difficulty like I did doing that under the car, you can use a circlip pliers to remove the clips on the universal joint, and pull the yoke off the driveshaft," It also says to use sockets and a hammer to remove the U joint as apposed to using a press.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Replacing yoke and U-Joint on driveshaft. Thread starter UndergroundR32 Start date Jul 3, UndergroundR32 Proven Member. I wanted to know if there was anything that I should anticipate that I'm unaware of.

Is it easier to just do it without removing the whole driveshaft or should I take it out? How do I remove the yoke and u-joint from the shaft, is it just C-clips holding it in or do I need a press. Morphius DSM Wiseman. I'd strongly suggest removing it to work on it. It'll only take you 10 minutes or less.

The u-joints need to be pressed out. There are no C-clips. While you're at it, can you measure the overall length of your driveshaft? I'm building up my GGSX and at the time of purchase the driveshaft was out. I'm wondering if the guy gave me the right shaft, as he had numerous other parts from other DSM's. I think there is a slight length difference between the DSM and the Galants.

I don't know if the driveshaft that's in my car now is the same one that came with it. The previous owner did a 4 bolt rear in it and the majority of drivetrain parts and suspension parts are aftermarket or from a different car. I'll measure it for you none the less. This will work? I'm not sure I understand what needs to be pressed out, or in. Where by chance did u get all the stuff to take care of driveshaft? And how did it run you? My drive shaft had snap rings retaining the cups for the u-joints.

The Galant Service manual also shows them. I just finished replacing all three joints. The hardest part was freeing up the rusted snap rings.

Depending on how rusted the cups are you might be able press them out with a big c-clamp but I had a several that really needed my 12 ton press.

Make sure not to push the cups loose from the yoke, press just far enough to get ahold of the opposing cup with some vice grips or you'll find that the cross will be stuck in the yoke with no room to pull it out. Once one cap is out press the outer side out using a deep wall socket against the cross. The u-joint kit from Mitsubishi comes with 4 pair of different thickness snap rings and the manual gives a spec for end clearance.

I could only get the thinnest ones to fit in with both caps installed. Again be real careful when pressing the new cups in that you don't drive it below the snap ring groove, driving it back isn't fun. Click to expand Finally got it. Got one sides c-clip installed and then pressed the other down enough to get the other side's in. The Silver ones are the thinnest and are the only ones where both would fit. It can be pretty difficult to get those things in.

I didn't press mine however. I just banged the u-joint in with a hammer and two sockets. UndergroundR32 said:. Turblown Proven Member. Last edited: Sep 27, You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Pat Mar 21, Drivetrain Tech. Replies 7 Views Mar 26, Pat Driveshaft u-joint snap rings. Replies 3 Views 1K. Jul 30, er Replies 6 Views Oct 27, jakk GeosTalon Feb 21, Drivetrain Tech. Replies 3 Views Nov 13, 92awddsm. Need help fixing driveshaft yoke leak.

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