How to set up a marshall half stack

how to set up a marshall half stack

Marshall Law

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Sadly, Jim Marshall, the Guv'nor, passed away on april 5th Tube humbly salutes the Father of Loud. Jim Marshall started building amps in He did this together with technical friend Ken Bran.

Their first amps were very heavily "inspired" on the Fender Tweed 4x10" Bassman. Little did they know then that they were at the threshold of a rock 'n roll revolution Although this division is not entirely accurate, it does give a good impression of the different era's.

The first decade in the history of Marshall is regarded by some as the "Golden Years". In the following overview, I try to place the amps how to set up a marshall half stack some kind of chronological ordering.

Keep in mind that allthough I try to be complete, this is obviously not a complete list, paris to bordeaux by train how long I hope it will be some day The very first prototype Marshall amps were built in in Jim's kitchen. In these early years the amps, their features and especially the cosmetics varied a lot.

This was the very first Marshall amp. It was built from up to It didn't actually have a model number at first, but later it was called a JTM It is said that the first prototype and early production amps were fitted with two beam power tetrodes, three ECC83's and a GZ34 rectifier tube, but soon KT66 tubes were used instead of the 's.

These amps had 2 channels with each a volume control and two inputs making a total of four inputs. There was also a power switch and a standby switch with a power indicator. The first JTM45 amps had no model number printed on them. These first speaker cabinets didn't have a model number at first.

In these cabinets were given the model number They were angled front cabinets and were fitted with four 12" Celestion G speakers, instead of the four 10" Jensen speakers in an open cabinet like Fender did. Late or early the ceramic speakers were replacing the alnico's.

This amp used the bass tremolo chassis in a 2x12" combo cabinet. Very few of the 2x12" horizontal extension cabinets were built and these cabinets are very rare. The how to make better presentations were two Celestion G speakers.

These G speakers were 'M' magnet speakers with an H cone. These are not the small magnet Gs, but are actually 25W Greenbacks with a different cone, sounding different than a typical 25W Greenback from a 's 4x12 cab. This amp was in production from to It had 4 channels and 8 inputs. It had 2 channels and 4 inputs. It was the PA version of the It was the Bass version of the The original JTM45 was renamed to this model The tremolo was optional.

Photograph of a JTM45 from It was the Organ version of the In Marshall switched to EL34 tubes. So the JTM50 amps were in production for less than a year from to By the cabinets were rated as having a maximum power handling of 75 watts. This increased power handling was probably due to the four Celestion ceramic speakers fitted in these cabinets. These were probably G Greenbacks. In the first prototype and production W amps model were constructed using two 50W output transformers.

Shortly later W output transformers were used. The early incarnations of the JTM's varied in design. The JTM's were the first amps to use solid state rectifiers. A tube rectifier was just too much hassle and too expensive. Schematically, all the JTM's are all very similar.

The PA version had 4 channels and 8 inputs instead of the usual 4 inputs and 2 channels. The Tremolo version was an idea of Pete Townsend but it wasn't very popular and not many were produced. This amp had 4 channels and 8 inputs. A lot maybe all? Photograph of a Super PA probably from This cabinet was introduced in late It was the first W cabinet being fitted with four Celestion G12M25 speakers.

In the top left corner of the cabinet a 'W' logo could be seen. This amp had 2 channels and 4 inputs. It was the Bass version of T or the Tremolo version of the In Marshall introduced the Marshall amps. These amps only had 3 knobs: Treble, Bass and Volume. This early Marshall was also known as "the Pig". In the course of the Low-High tone control circuitry was changed to a Low-Mid-High tone control and these amps were now called the Marshall Majors.

Using four KT88 power tubes, these amps were very powerfull, very loud and very expensive. They were in production up to How to set up a marshall half stack of a rare Marshall head a. In Marshall introduced the 18W "practice" combo amps. Although they were not very loud, they certainly could "rock". There were originally 3 combo models:and They had a tremolo and an optional reverb.

These 18W amps were discontinued into be succeeded by the 20W Marshalls. You might want to check out Gabster's Marshall 18W page. Lots of info and pictures here, including a forum.

In Marshall introduced the 20W amps as the successors of the 18W amps. These amps didn't what does boudoir mean in french quite as good as the original 18W amps though. These amps used two EL84 tubes in the power amp, two ECC83's in the pre amp and a solid state rectifier in the power supply.

These amps were discontinued around This set consisted of a 20W head amp and two speaker cabinets each with fitted two 13"x8" eliptical speakers. Photograph of a PA20 from In July Marshall dropped the Plexi face plates and switched to the gold colored brushed aluminium metal face plates as we know them still today. The US distributor at that time Unicord Inc.

Too many Marshalls were coming back under warranty with defective output tubes. Instead of fitting new EL34's, Unicord decided to fit 's, thinking that these "heavier" tubes would last beyond the warranty period. This in itself was true, but many American guitar players were wandering why their Marshall amps sounded so different from their European brothers. Some people actually like the bright sound of the 's in their Marshall amps but most guitar players prefer the original sound of the EL34's.

This amp was in production only shortly from up to It looks just like a 20W Marshall amp. It's a 4 input, 2 channel amp featuring a tremolo.

Standard pre amp circuits with 2x ECC83 Marshall, ? Photograph of a beautiful red JMP from This amp was in production from up to It was the tremolo version of the It used the tremolo chassis in a 4x10" combo cabinet.

See Jacques Marshall Bluesbreaker page for some nice pictures. It used the tremolo chassis in a 2x12" combo cabinet. This is a two channel amp, one channel is that of a Lead amp and the other channel is that of a Bass amp, making it quite a versatile amp.

The is the combo version of this head. From onwards the cabinet was fitted with four Celestion G12H30 speakers. It was discontinued in just prior to the introduction of the JCM range. This is the Bass version of the amp.

The JTM50's

Marshall X Silver Jubilee and AV 4x12" Cab Half Stack Bundle Half-stack Bundle with X Silver Jubilee Guitar Amp Head and AV 4x12" Cabinet $ 2, Marshall. From AC/DC to ZZ Top, Malmsteen to Megadeth, Free to Five Finger Death Punch, Slash to Slayer to Satch, and from the recording studio to stadium stages, Marshall amps have been the backline of choice for countless guitarists. Thats how and why Marshalls slogan, The Sound of Rock, was born. Learn more about Marshall. Photograph of a silver half stack. Silver Jubilee, 50W/25W 2x12" combo. These combo's were fitted with two Celestion T G12 Vintage 16? speakers. Amp schematic with 3x ECC83 & 2x EL34 (Marshall, ). PSU schematic (Marshall, ). Photograph of a silver combo. A, 4x12" cabinet, angled front. B, 4x12" Cabinet.

Based on earnings estimates announced Tuesday, nothing else in the financial services industry really compares to Coinbase right now. Wedded to the rising fortunes of cryptocurrencies themselves, soon-to-list Coinbase expects to make more money in the first quarter of this year than in all of , and has seen an exponential rise in engaged customers.

Still, when Coinbase does list on April 14, Wall Street will have to sit up and take notice, and also begin comparing the stock to other listed brokerage and investment firms. Schwab added Coinbase saw its monthly active users jump from 2. The overall number of people with Coinbase accounts increased from 43 million last year to 56 million. Meanwhile, Robinhood, which added crypto as an asset class to its commission-free trading platform back in , saw its transaction volume double in boosted in no small part by WSB-type trading in GameStop and AMC Theatres , and its daily average revenue trades outperformed publicly traded, incumbent brokerage firms like Schwab.

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Rapid vaccination drives and a pick up in travel has boosted oil prices, prompting producers to go out and restart drilling and completion of wells, after the coronavirus pandemic plunged the industry into one of its worst downturns last year. Le Peuch said he was seeing indications that oil demand will recover to level by or before the end of , compared with a comment he made in January that the recovery would be "no later than The alternative strategies are also a reflection of how Wall Street is increasingly positioning the Chinese currency as a global play, with banks seeking more market-making opportunities.

The yuan is likely to remain strong against the basket of currencies, according to Mitul Kotecha, chief emerging-market Asia and Europe strategist at TD Securities in Singapore. Trades against other currencies though may still be executed in two legs via the dollar. Citigroup Inc. Better vaccine rollout in the European Union is expected to boost the euro, and hence the Chinese currency, due to their close correlation.

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Updates with yen and Singapore dollar moves in eighth paragraph. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. Reuters -American Express Co said on Friday travel and entertainment-related spending on its cards halved in the first quarter as customers stayed at home during the COVID crisis, overshadowing its better-than-expected profit.

Cross-border restrictions and a resurgence of COVID cases in several parts of the world have forced people and businesses to put travel on hold, hitting credit-card issuers. Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Campbell said in an interview with Reuters the continued travel restrictions would slow a rebound in business travel for large corporations.

Reuters -U. The bounceback follows a sell-off on Thursday when reports that U. President Joe Biden plans to almost double the capital gains tax spooked investors.

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The stock markets pull back ever so slightly to kick off the trading session on Thursday, but then turned around to show signs of strength again.

But the historical statistical models the fund built proved unequal to the task of predicting how markets would move during the volatility brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. More hedge funds have closed than started in the last six years, with of them shuttering in , according to data compiled by Hedge Fund Research Inc. Last year was particularly tough for computer-driven quant funds.

Algorithms largely failed to decipher the impact of a rapidly moving virus and the response from central banks to contain economic damage. The market selloff in March last year and subsequent recovery humbled some of the most sophisticated of quants -- most notably behemoths such as Renaissance Technologies, Winton and Two Sigma. IPM was founded over two decades ago. Catella had hoped to find a buyer for the troubled fund, and it recently even announced several new hires amid a plan to branch out into new strategies.

Bloomberg -- The implosion of Archegos is giving thousands of secretive family offices the greatest challenge to their privacy in a decade. The changes the reform advocates seek would require U. Such data could alert regulators, investors and other Wall Street players to hidden risks, yet it could also reveal proprietary information to rivals. Those advocating greater regulation are optimistic that new Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler, who has a tough-on-Wall-Street reputation, will see things their way.

The SEC already is in the midst of a separate review to potentially increase what all investment firms, including family offices, must disclose about their holdings, Bloomberg has reported. Family office representatives are pushing back.

Angelo Robles, founder of the Family Office Association, is also preparing for action. He said he plans to contact law firms and U. The banks have said they can absorb the losses, but the shock that a little-known family office could have such an effect is serving as a rallying cry for Wall Street reform advocates.

Lawmakers have also shown interest. Offices that serve more family members must file their holdings with the SEC, but can ask for, and often receive, an exemption allowing them to keep the filing confidential. Large banks brokered the stock swaps for Archegos for a fee. Such swaps allowed the firm to spend relatively small amounts -- it essentially used borrowed money to build a huge portfolio -- while keeping its ownership of individual stocks hidden. The lack of disclosure has allowed some family offices to adopt similarly complex strategies without drawing scrutiny.

Complying with fewer regulations, meantime, has helped lead a number of hedge fund managers to convert their firms into family offices. BlueCrest Capital Management, for example, returned money to investors in to focus on managing the wealth of its billionaire co-founder Michael Platt, his partners and employees. Family offices have proliferated this century, partly due to the boom in tech billionaires. More than 10, family offices globally manage the wealth of a single family, with at least half having started this century, according to EY.

Because most families tightly guard the extent of their wealth and very few public records are available to track their assets, the exact figure could be higher or lower. But hedge funds that convert to family offices are more likely to keep their trading strategies, which often employ leveraged bets that can have a broader market effect.

Some family offices lately have also launched so-called blank-check firms -- shell companies whose purpose is to raise money from investors and eventually to acquire other companies. The SEC is in the process of implementing a long-delayed rule that would require all funds, including family offices, to privately disclose some of their derivatives positions to the agency.

In theory, that would have made it possible for the SEC to see what Archegos was doing. If regulators do crack down on family offices in the U. Bloomberg -- Parduman Gupta, father of embattled metals tycoon Sanjeev Gupta, has moved out of the U. The senior Gupta has changed his country of usual residence from Britain to India, according to several filings made over the past few weeks at Companies House, the business registry. He owns Simec Group, the branch of the business empire which deals in renewable energy, shipping and mining, and was founded by the magnate as an export-and-import house in India.

Sanjeev Gupta has also been absent for several months from the U. He said on recent podcasts for GFG employees that he left the U. But he said that he was keen to be on the move again. Some progress has been made. Still, other parts of the business are facing difficulties. Three French units were put into voluntary administration last week, while other parts of GFG in France and Belgium have sought protection from their creditors.

Gupta said on the April 16 podcast that some of his U. Bloomberg -- It keeps getting worse for holders of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which is now trading at a record discount to the value of the digital assets it holds. Owners of the trust must find buyers in the secondary market if they want to sell, which can exacerbate the discount with the price of Bitcoin falling.

Read more: Why a U. Tech has suffered this week after stay-at-home stalwart Netflix Inc. Money will follow performance -- and the performance is coming from those sectors. But he rejected the idea that quants have had their day. Its main owner, Swedish investment firm Catella AB, tried to find buyers until the last minute, but threw in the towel. The fund then managed to come back from the brink, but bad trades that predated the pandemic came back to haunt the fund.

Its relative equity models had been weighing on performance for years, due in part to a strategy relying on value stocks. Ericsson says he still thinks everything would have worked out had IPM had a little longer. As recently as half a year ago, it even hired some people from Goldman Sachs to help build out its business. But client withdrawals were too intense, and the fund had to give up. IPM joins a growing list of hedge funds shutting down in recent years as investors rethink their allocations to the industry.

Last year was particularly tough for computer-driven quant funds, including behemoths such as Renaissance Technologies, Winton and Two Sigma.

It then allocated money across asset classes including sovereign debt, equity indexes, commodities and currencies across the world.

The model was based on historical statistical data, and relied heavily on computers. Year-to-date, its systematic macro fund generated a negative return of 7.

For all of , the return was minus 3. Getting earnings back on track will be pivotal to financing investments in electrification and software development as the industry segues to more technologically advanced, battery-powered vehicles. Daimler shares rose as much as 1. It also appointed former Siemens AG Chief Executive Officer Joe Kaeser to the supervisory board of the truck division and plans to nominate him as chairman. China BoostStrong demand in China has continued during the second quarter, Wilhelm said on a call with analysts.

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