How to sync twitter and myspace

how to sync twitter and myspace

Sep 23,  · MySpace just announced that you can now sync your Twitter account with MySpace here's how to do it: 1. Sign in to your MySpace account and click on " My Account." 2. Click on " Sync." 3. Click on " Get Synced." 4. A new window will open that looks like this enter your twitter username and. Feb 23,  · Heyy people in this video I did a quick tutorial on how to sync Myspace and Twitter together. What this does is when you tweet something on Twitter It will update your status on Myspace .

MySpace has recently launched the sync service that lets users to sync their MySpace status updates with their Twitter account and vice-versa. As of now this feature is available only to the US users. Non US users, see this. In this article we present you with a step-by-step guide to sync your MySpace updates with your Twitter account and the other way round. You can also use this link to land up directly on the sync - settings page.

Step 2: Here you can see a link that says Get Synced. You need to click the "Get Synced" link in order to start what time is the uconn basketball game tonight syncing process as shown below.

Click on "Get Synced" to start the syncing process. Step 3: Once you click on "Get Synced" link, you will be redirected to your Twitter account's authorization page.

In case you are logged in to your twitter account you will see a page that looks like the one shown below. If you are not logged into twitter then you need to log in first after which you will automatically be redirected to your twitter app authorization settings page.

Accordingly select the check boxes for this. You can also select both the check boxes to enable both Twitter updates on MySpace as well as MySpace wall updates on Twitter. Then click on Confirm. Check this screenshot below. Step 5: Once you have done all the steps as mentioned above, you will see that your twitter account has been successfully synced with MySpace and vice-versa as you may have chosen.

The MySpace Twitter Sync page. Authorize MySpace by clicking on Allow. Select the appropriate checkbox. Sync successful!! Next Post ». Share on. Subscribe RSS Newsletter. Send us a Tip: [email protected].

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Sep 21,  · Syncing up is easy * Go to the Sync tab within My Account. * Set up the desired services that you would like to sync with MySpace. Right now you can sync.

MySpace just announced that you can now sync your Twitter account with MySpace Sign in to your MySpace account and click on " My Account. A new window will open that looks like this Note: I'm not sure how many of you have a MySpace page for real estate , but I don't I simply have a personal MySpace page and personal hobby-related ones. Howdy there Bob and Leilani This sure is a mighty fine, and helpful post for the members of ActiveRain. That have a MySpace account.

I don't have one myself, but just might have to think about setten one up now. Here are three other groups,this post of yours would be good to post in. Thanks, Dale I just joined those groups and will be editing my blog post accordingly. Click on " Sync. Click on " Get Synced. Comments 4 Subscribe to Comments Comment.

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