How to use easycap with vcr

how to use easycap with vcr


Mar 29,  · China Easycap 4CH USB DVR, Find details about China Usb Dvr Easycap, Usb Easycap from Easycap 4CH USB DVR - Quan Holdings Co, Ltd. Are you able to work with other USB devices? EasyCAP 4 CHANNEL USB DVR is the safety system of ideal design for home/office/shop guard or baby care purpose, Users can do their own security by easy installation. Diamond VC USB One Touch VHS to DVD Video Capture Device with Easy to use Software, Convert, Edit and Save to Digital Files For Win7, Win8 and Win10 out of 5 stars 5, $

VideoHelp Forum. Remember Me? Forum Video Capturing Honestech video capture device stopped working. Results 1 to 14 of Honestech video capture device stopped working. Hello, What is the population of sarasota county florida am unable to find an answer for this problem anywhere else and hope someone here will be able to help out.

I have an HP Pavilion dvnr Windows 7, 64 bit machine. This VidBox was working on my Windows 7, 64 bit system but suddenly stopped working. I installed it on an older computer with Windows Vista what can i do to make my life better bit and it worked just fine.

I then reinstalled version 5. I then plugged the VidBox hardware in to be sure it was recognized. I did, however, get audio. Initially Debut worked with the VidBox video option and was showing the VCR video on the capture screen but it didn't seem to like the VidBox audio option.

When I tried to save the VidBox audio setting in Debut it would hang up and crash the software. VidBox used to work with all of these programs. I also tried another video capture device I have and it too works on the Vista system but will no longer work on the Win 7 system.

It is as if some setting got switched and is only recognizing the audio and not the video portion of the VidBox. I am really stumped on this one.

This is the first time I have ever had a challenge with a hardware device that I couldn't eventually overcome and your input will be very much appreciated. Thanks for this forum and all you do.

Thanks, John. I had exactly the same problem! What solved it for me wasn't just uninstalling the USB devices, but under device manager, deleting the drivers before uninstalling and restarting. Then reinstalled the drivers, and it worked again. Honestech were friendly but couldn't help me. Best of luck! Originally Posted by girlofthepuits. Last edited by jglefler; 11th Jan at Originally Posted by TrackingError. Originally Posted by jglefler.

Hi girlofthepuits, Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Unfortunately your suggestion didn't work for me. I think you are on the right track, however. I think the solution will be something simple like how to register trademark internationally. Since the VidBox seems to be recognized by Win 7 and the drivers show that they are "working properly" in device the manager I think it is a Windows problem somewhere.

There is probably a driver that Windows 7 needs to recognize the video feed or a registry setting that needs to have the properties setting changed from a zero to a one, or some such simple solution. I have the same situation with an EasyCap video capture device. My older Vista 64 bit system can "see" the video feed from the Honestech VidBox and the EasyCap video capture devices but the Windows 7, 64 bit system can't "see" the video feed from either device in spite of the fact that both video capture devices show up in Win 7 device manager and the VHS to DVD 5.

I would do a system restore but I waited too long and the restore point I need is now gone. This is very strange and I hope someone will have an answer to this mystery. Another solution could be as follows: Create a system restore point Do the installation and deletion of all video capture devices from Device Manager, then restart Uninstall your VHS to DVD software and all other related software from EasyCap, then restart Run 'regedit' as administrator, and export your registry file.

Obviously messing with the what are gold crowns made of can be a bit dangerous, so be careful not to delete how to use easycap with vcr anything! Same with the EasyCap device. Then, create a new user account with administrative privileges and try following the Honestech installation guide again.

Do not use the EasyCap device, as a similar device tried to use the same driver for me, which made both of them not work. Keep me posted! Thanks for the suggestion. I do appreciate all the input from everyone. This is the most helpful forum I have found and I appreciate it very much. Originally Posted by jman What's wrong with using it as a capture tool?

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Jan 14,  · Same with the EasyCap device. Then, create a new user account with administrative privileges and try following the Honestech installation guide again. Do not use the EasyCap device, as a similar device tried to use the same driver for me, which made both of them not work. Keep me posted! Jun 06,  · All you’ll need is a computer, a VCR and an adapter so that you can upload the video that’s playing in your VCR straight onto your computer or laptop. An adapter can run you anywhere from. Mar 25,  · That seems like a lot of overkill for what are probably just some home videos. In the distant past I converted several tapes using cheap devices like EasyCap and I couldn't perceive any quality difference between the tape on the VCR and the converted file. Most VHS recordings are not particularly high quality to begin with.

It comes with a high quality capture software and editor which allows for high quality DVDs to be made. But you can easily buy them on Amazon listings or eBay listings. So there seems to be a lot available. A little strange. Instead what we get in the box is the Pinnacle Dazzle, an instruction manual and the Pinnacle Studio software. The cable is at 30cm length which gives plenty of space to rest the device on a desk and overall it is well built.

Although nothing ever matches the ezcap s for build quality. So straight off the bat, let me explain that I tried to install the Dazzle capture card and the Pinnacle Studio software onto a Windows 10 OS. Mind you the disc installed on Windows 8. This is the patch I had to download just to make the Pinnacle Dazzle editor work. That link will take you to Windows 8. Also you will need to restart the computer before applying the patch.

Once you are past the ridiculous hurdles, you will be greeted with Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle which is certainly better than the Honestech software but still no match to Avermedia with PowerDirector. The home screen actually gives you a sample video that you can use to experiment with.

That is a nice touch, especially if you are new to the idea of editing. All of the assets, clips, music can be deleted of moved around to give you a sense of what each function does. The Studio Importer will let you transfer video files from DVD or CD that you have burnt maybe as a back up or you can open a folder on your computer that may have videos. The VCR or camera source must be playing and the Dazzle HD Recorder connected, otherwise you will get the above message saying nothing to import.

While capturing the footage you will see if any frames were dropped during the process and how long the video duration is. When Stop Capture is selected, the program will process the video and create scenes automatically for you. This creating scenes does seem to take a while. Approximately five minutes, of wondering if the program has crashed or not. The progress bar is slow to crawl across.

The editing suite certainly offers more than the basic capture card software supplied like the ezcaps, but that being said, you are paying more. You will be able to view the thumbnails larger if desired by moving a slider from left to right along the bottom. All Media — You can arrange to view the imported media by Photos, Video or Music if you were looking for individual files or you can simply view them all in the library at once.

Projects — Will let you open previous unfinished projects with all assets in tact. Transitions — are just a variety of wipes. That being said, there are definitely a lot to choose from.

Disc Menus — gives the choice of menu layouts with elements being editable. I do think this is a good idea as you can pick a type of theme that suits your disc. There are two ways to use the monitor for watching. You can watch the source clip or watch the complete video on the timeline. There is an option to play the video back in fullscreen or switch between two monitors one will play the source clip, while the other will play where it fits into the timeline.

As stated earlier the timeline will have a sample video to play and edit with. This is actually a great idea as it shows you how and where the sample video is cut. One thing which is disappointing is the lack of adding multiple tracks. Considering the price of the Dazzle HD Recorder I would have thought it was a no brainer to offer that. You can add TEXT at any time by clicking on the T along the top of the timeline which will open a new window for you to edit the text.

If you wanted to add a voice over using an external microphone that can be selected and added as well. There is a cog wheel icon that will open a timeline settings to do with frame rate and aspect ratio. Oddly there are no short cuts or obvious buttons to select or add effects. You can either double left click or right click once the video timeline. Along the top you will see options to change called Enhance, Adjustments, Snapshot and Stabilize.

Selecting any of these will open a small window for you to make the adjustment needed. If you did have the latest version of Pinnacle you would not be held back by the lack of export options.

There are four main Export Types that the software will allow. The File Export option is limited to just a handful of video formats. None that are adequate for mobile phones or modern devices. The Preset options are not much better. There are selections called medium or small? Even if you delve into the Advanced Settings you can never alter the options to perfect size that you want. Selecting the Advanced Settings will let you change some various options of DVD quality and write speed.

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