How to winterize your car

how to winterize your car

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Building winterizing or freeze-proofing guide: this article series provides step by step details in winterizing a building or freeze protection for buildings where heat may be lowered or left turned off.

Avoiding freezing pipes in buildings also means avoiding later leaks, water damage, or possibly mold contamination. Our separated copper pipe solder joint above left shows how freeze damage to a heating system baseboard pipe can cause the copper pipe to simply slip apart at the solder joint.

Our freeze-bulged and split copper water pipe above right shows how a copper water pipe can freeze, expand, and burst. The resultant building water flooding and damage can be extensive and in some cases may involve a costly mold remediation project as well. Also, failure of an owner to take appropriate steps to prevent freezing pipes and water damage can result in loss of insurance coverage in some instances.

For example, turning off heat without also winterizing a home would be an improper practice likely to lead to frozen burst pipes and water damage and mold contamination. Our photo at left shows a separated solder how to winterize your car caused by freezing at a heating baseboard copper pipe.

The repair of this leak is shown later in this article. Our page top photo shows a frozen, burst water pipe close to an elbow.

We suspect that the process of heating the pipe during soldering of the elbow connection might soften the copper in how to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks location, permitting the very rounded expansion shape at the point of pipe rupture. The elbow itself may be more resistant to bursting during freezing.

Freezing water pipes or drain pipes in a building are worse than inconvenient: often the frozen pipes burst, risking serious water damage and even toxic mold growth in a building when the frozen, burst pipe later thaws and leaks into the structure. Our photo left shows what we found on arriving at an unoccupied home that was for sale in New York. Shortly after freezing conditions had lifted a water trail was visible running down the curb adjacent to the home.

Winterixe thought perhaps there was a leak at that fire hydrant but that was not the problem. The water supply line beween the home and the curb had burst. The most extreme water and mold damage to buildings where pipes burst occurs in unoccupied structures whose conditions are not being monitored, such as a house for sale, or a remote, weekend home. Other freezing weather damage besides floods from frozen pipes can include cracked plaster in older homes or cracked and dislocated wood flooring.

For buildings facing these extra risks, we provide a range of suggestions for winterizing or freeze-proofing a building as well as for monitoring building conditions so that prompt action tour be taken to hhow with a burst pipe. Here is our list of key topics to consider when working to winterize or freeze-proof a building, wintetize with links to more detail on these subjects:.

Prepare the building to be left unattended : regardless of whether heat is to be left on or off:. Decide if the building heat going to be left "on" or "off" : the answer determines the type and extent of freeze-proofing steps needed.

Freeze Alarms: systems that warn of loss of heat or freezing conditions in a building can notify you or a building manager when something needs attention. If your building already has a security alarm system it's usually a small matter to add low-temperature, loss of heat, loss of electrical power, and water flood sensors to the system.

If your building does not already have a security system some simple devices can turn on a light to alert neighbors to a heat loss or building flood. Freeze-damage risk points in buildings : where building piping, mechanical systems, or other components are likely to freeze. Identifying drafts and cold spots, sealing drafts, using insulation, or ot a little heat can prevent freezing.

Our photo shows an example of a problem spot: piping under sinks in un-insulated pipe chases, piping in attics, crawl spaces, walls, garages, under floors. Different piping materials copper, steel, plastic and different grades of water piping material [image] affect the freeze-resistance of the piping. Installation details such as piping slope, routing, and insulation are important factors in pipe freeze problems.

Our photo just shows a frozen, burst hot water baseboard heating pipe. If a building heating system shuts down due to an operating problem loss of electricity, a problem with the heater itself, or simply due to running out of oil the heating system failure is likely to lead to frozen pipes which, when the weather warms, can cause serious building flooding and water or mold damage.

A burst heating baseboard line such as the ones we show here and at the top of this page can occur at more than one point in the heating system piping. Pipes run through a cold corner or subjected to drafts may freeze and burst even when some building areas are quite warm. Watch out : for for leaks and slow drips into drain systems. Even though you think the building is warm enough, slow water trickling down a shallow drain line outside of the building can build up enough ice to block the drain or even freeze and burst the drain pipe.

That is because a dripping faucet or a toilet that runs can send a hwo trickle of water down a drain line through the heated building into an outdoor shallow drain exposed to freezing conditions and leading to freezing or even a burst drain pipe.

These wijterize also occur in an un-heated crawl space, basement. Outdoor drain lines may be above the frost line and may be depending on proper slope to avoid retaining water that then freezes.

But a slow trickle or drip of water can still freeze in those locations and it can also flood a septic drainfield yout soak pit. How to winterize your car fans to move air, small point-source electric heaters or light bulbs, adding heat to crawl spaces, opening cabinet doors and similar steps can protect problem spots from freezing in a building when its temperatures are set low.

As Ryan Duffy points out, connecting the heat tape to a GFCI-protected circuit can substantially reduce the risk of heat tape how to download on youtube on android. However if the GFCI-protected heat tape circuit trips-off during typical current leakage conditions and without drawing attention of the building occupants, the risk of freeze damaged piping, leaks, water damage, and mold damage will be increased.

Ground fault protection was first required in the NEC for heat tapes that did not have a metal covering. Heating systems should be inspected and if necessary cleaned and tuned before leaving heat on in cag building in order to assure that the heater is in reliable condition. Heating boilers that are how much to fill gas tank be left turned winetrize also need water supply left turned-on for both hydronic hot water and steam heat systems, but we outline a little plumbing trick will let you turn off all other water supply in a building.

Hot how to catch white perch in louisiana heat continuous circulation can be used winterjze hydronic systems to reduce building freeze-ups.

Steam heat system condensate returns need to be freeze-protected. Heat-OFF Winterization guidelines are. Winterizing steps to take in a building - wimterize this article winterizing or freeze-protection for building water supply piping, turning off water, preventing freezing pipes, draining piping systems, shutting down a building entirely: draining piping, turning off heat and electricity.

The tank is deep enough to not freeze but my poor design does not winterizze me to drain the tank or the 50' length of hose with a foot what does in personam mean at the end of it. What can I put down the line to prevent freezing like last year which blew wintrrize my hose.

Thermostat in master br must be kept at F otherwise other two bdr's get way too hot. Is there a way to add a recirculating wintwrize to keep a small flow of HW moving thru the 2nd zone even when the zone isn't "officially" calling for heat? Kinda like the idea where a pump is added to the furthest HW faucet in a home that keeps HW flowing so there's no need to run the water forever to finally have the HW reach the faucet.

Only other way to describe it would be for the 2nd zone valve to have variable flow-trickle to prevent pipe freeze and fully open when stat calls for heat. Crazy idea? Impossible solution? Concern: We have a crawlspace containing a hot water tank wunterize pressure tank. The water supply is from our well. We need to close-up for the winter and need to let yokr water out. The crawlspace door is at other side of the winterkze.

Kinda what is the largest reservoir of water on earth to crawl back and forth over hilly ground. The crawlspace vents are screened. We almost bought a tube that is powered by a drill, to let the water out via hose, I believe it is called; a drill pump. I asked a nearby plumber and he said, take it back, may not work next year, etc. Also this plumber does the service for us, with a pump.

Also a plumber will remove the sediment from the tank. Our photo above left of a horizontal water pressure tank was provided courtesy of reader Doug Mehak. We want to empty the hot water tank and pressure tank ourselves, have been doing winterixe for how to crochet a one piece swimsuit 35 years.

This crawlspace is new, this year. My husband just emptied the other 02 house pipes, winterise case it got below zero this how to winterize your car, and water is everywhere. Next week, we will go to the cottage one more time and then close for the winter, any suggestions as to how we can empty the hot water tank and pressure tank, ourselves? These are some solutions we are considering: --empty water by opening kitchen and bathroom faucets above, then only a bucket full will remain in hot water tank.

A competent onsite inspection by an expert usually finds additional clues what to wear on carnival cruise dinner help accurately diagnose a problem, such as noting the location, position of the problem water hpw, what tappings on the tank are how to get tome of jewelcrafting present and just where they are located, e. That said, thanks for writing with your own suggestions; on first reading your question, I hesitated in a prescription because lacking a clear description of the tanks involved, it appears that it not be possible to remove water from a water heater tank nor a water pressure tank located in an inaccessible crawl area.

While I'm not surprised at the description as often we find tanks squeezed into such areas, the installation does not sound correct, nor does it afford a means to empty the vessel; the result is not just a risk of freeze damage, what biome do i live in also other servicing cannot really be accomplished.

And of course a tank could be leaking into a hard-to-access crawl area for a long time before anyone discovers the problem. The view that "only a bucket full will remain in hot water tank" does not sound reliable to me; the output from a water heater how to winterize your car delivered by the pressure of incoming water to the tank; if the tank has no drain whatsoever and we simply run water in the building with incoming water shut off say by an inlet valve or by turning off a well pump water is delivered only until the pressure in the whole system drops down close to zero actual pressure depends on location and elevation how to winterize your car components.

Watch out : I do not advise dumping water into a crawl area - it's asking for mold and insect problems. When the water tank or hot water tank winterise located in a below-grade basement or crawl space or any other location where it is not convenient to drain the tank by gravity using a garden hose, we attach a pony pump to the tank drain and pump the water out of the tank and over to a suitable drainage location. Details about types of pony pumps or transfer pumps including both self-contained pumps and the drill powered transfer pump you mention, are given.

Some bladderless water pressure tanks and some water tanks using an internal bladder can work in hoq position. Most water heater tanks are intended to work properly installed in an upright position, not jammed horizontally into a crawl space.

Watch out : if a water heater tank or water pressure tank that was designed to be installed in an upright position is installed horizontally the installation is improper, violates the manufacturer's installation instructions and warranty, may have a reduced life, will not work properly, and may be unsafe.

Some winterizing companies charged with emptying building tanks and pipes to prevent freeze damage open all pipes and drains to drain out what water they can after shutting off incoming water of courseand then try blowing compressed air through the system. While this helps move water out of pipes and might push some water out of water tanks or water heater tanks, I have not found this a completely reliable approach. Air can move through water pipes or tanks while leaving water behind, more so for piping that is not straight and pitched and still more so for tanks and vessels.

Nevertheless, it's a useful step yur reduces water in the system even it it can't completely eliminate it. Professionals will also actually cut pipes if necessary to assure the piping sinterize is drained fully, figuring that it's much less expensive to later repair the cut than to repair burst pipes in unexpected locations and to clean up and repair water damage to a building left unattended.

I agree that based just on the description provided, the most effective means of getting most of the water out of the tank in this circumstance would be to use an available tapping on the upper tank to insert a tube and use a pony pump or drill pump to pump water out of the tank, through a hose, to outdoors or to a nearby drain. When circumstances demand tank replacement or when there is an opportunity for any other reason, I'd either relocate these tanks to an accessible area or provide how to winterize your car access in one such case we made an openable floor panel.

Our photo left shows our little pony pump at a job where we used it to empty a water heater tank through a garden hose to an outdoor location. Here I had not yet hooked up the pump but you can see the white pump body and the washing machine hose needed to hook it up to a tank drain.

When draining the water from a dwelling that is allowed to freeze, how does the water supply from the submersible pump, supplied with foot valve, drain so the at or above grade pipes don't freeze and break? Great question, Nate.

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Building winterizing or freeze-proofing guide: this article series provides step by step details in winterizing a building or freeze protection for buildings where heat may be lowered or left turned off. Avoiding freezing pipes in buildings also means avoiding later leaks, water damage, or possibly mold contamination. Building Freeze Protection Methods How to avoid ice, frost, freeze damage at. With fourteen locally-operated stores throughout the metroplex, we’re committed to being the hometown garage you can trust with your car, and all that entails: your commute, your vacation, your first car or just your newest, and most importantly, the safety of you and your loved ones. How to Keep a Car Battery From Dying in Cold Weather. Cold weather can be hard on your car's battery. Learn what type of battery performs best in winter conditions and what you can do to keep it from dying. Plus, learn how to winterize a car that you're storing over the season. Read More opens in new window.

Purchasing for a business? Apply for a free business account! A dead car battery can be a very big deal, with the potential to leave you stranded. The good news is you can avoid this with a dependable car battery charger. Batteries Plus has a large selection of car and truck battery chargers to choose from, including trickle chargers, battery maintainers and even portable battery chargers. Battery Tender. Duracell Ultra. Quick Cable. When choosing the best battery charger for your car or truck, there are a number of things to consider.

First, think about how you plan to use it. For vehicles that will be in storage for extended periods of time, a trickle charger or battery maintainer is a much better match. Next, identify what kind of battery you have. Most cars and trucks use either a lead acid or AGM absorbed glass mat battery although a small percentage use gel or lithium batteries.

An amp hour Ah measures how much amperage a battery can provide per hour. For example, a 70 Ah car battery using a 7. Overcharging can damage your battery and potentially shorten its overall lifecycle. Here are a few of the different battery chargers available. These chargers produce 10 amps or more allowing you to charge your vehicle quicker and feature a host of other options such as multiple charging voltages and amp rates.

Pick up a heavy duty charger for your 4 door sedan, SUV or pick-up truck today. A maintainer will cut off power when your battery reaches a full charge and begin recharging again once it drops below an ideal voltage.

A portable car battery, otherwise known as a jump pack or jump starter, contains a sealed battery attached to a set of heavy-duty jumper cables. Portable chargers are easy to transport and provide enough amperage to jump start a dead battery. Many portable chargers also contain additional features such as:. An average car battery lasts roughly three to five years. As it ages, your battery gradually loses its capacity to hold a charge.

Fortunately, Batteries Plus offers free car battery testing, to help you determine if your battery is on its last legs. If you do need a replacement, our experts can help you find the best car battery for your needs and budget. We even offer car battery replacement service on most model vehicles too. Find the Batteries Plus location nearest you.

You'll find a lot more information about car battery chargers and batteries, too within our blogs. Cold weather can be hard on your car's battery. Learn what type of battery performs best in winter conditions and what you can do to keep it from dying. Plus, learn how to winterize a car that you're storing over the season.

Read More opens in new window. Winter weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you're ready for the unexpected with a car emergency supply kit. Batteries Plus Bulbs has the jump starters, flashlights, flares and everything else you need to stay safe when the weather turns bad. Jump packs are a must-have item for cold winter weather.

They enable you to jump start your vehicle without the need for a second car. This blog outlines the 2 basic types and recommends which models are best for specific vehicles. Help is just a phone call away! We strive to provide the best price available on BatteriesPlus. Store pricing may vary from the price advertised on BatteriesPlus. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Own a Store Business Accounts. Home Chargers Car and Truck. Car and Truck Chargers. Popular Car and Truck Battery Chargers. Choosing the Right Car Battery Charger When choosing the best battery charger for your car or truck, there are a number of things to consider. Battery Maintainers. Heavy Duty Chargers. Jump Starters. Did you know Portable Car Battery Chargers A portable car battery, otherwise known as a jump pack or jump starter, contains a sealed battery attached to a set of heavy-duty jumper cables.

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