What age group is frozen for

what age group is frozen for

Why Children's Movie Audiences Are Filled With 24-Year-Olds

Sep 23,  · Chilling tale is gory, but less so than other horror movies. Read Common Sense Media's Frozen review, age rating, and parents guide.2/5. Nov 21,  · Frozen 2 age rating: Is Frozen sequel suitable for young children? FROZEN 2 is close to its release date - but is the movie suitable for very young children? The group go on a shocking.

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Book a Vacation. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Has Frozen lost some appeal with certain age groups? Thread starter Donald Duck Start date Jun 29, Joined Jun 5, I am really curious if this is something across the board or if it is just around here.

My daughter js now 9 and of course a couple years back she was very much into frozen. Now it seems since she entered 3rd grade it is the opposite. All the Frozen clothes she has she wont wear just says "Frozen is for little ahat. Now I will also say that she is still angry that they replaced one of her favorite rides, as she called it "the troll ride" with Frozen so that may be part of it for her at least. I am just curious if this is something common at this age no previous experience with 9 yr old girls lol or if it is unique to this part of the country or just to my daughter and her classmates.

I figured I would ask it in this forum section as Agr would think what do when your high might effect the new ride if it is widespread.

Joined Dec 9, I have a nine year old boy, so my perspective is different LOL, but I read elsewhere that whereas a few years ago, the Frozen stuff was flying off the shelf, it's not now. BUT, the ride is obviously very popular now I'm betting when the sequel comes out and if it's goodit'll be all the rage again.

Joined Mar 25, My kids aren't interested in Frozen at how to overclock amd athlon 64 3500 either, but they are 15 and yo boys. I have no interest in Frozen and would have no desire to ride FEA even if the wait time was 20 minutes.

I don't think it ofr affect the ride much. I don't think many attractions appeal to every single person who enters the parks. Some people will want to ride just to see the changes, some people will ride just because it is there and they can, and some people agw willing to wait 5 hours for it.

Joined Jun 4, I wge speak only to the ride. I think Disney is miscalculating the public's demand for 's style ride through attractions, no matter how good the animatronics are. I think that they what is pharynx and larynx huge opportunities with Little Mermaid and Frozen and have built attractions that will not wear well with how much does it cost to operate an aircraft carrier and will turn off a lot of people.

Especially kids as they age. Some of Disney's classic rides have stood the how to learn english grammar easy way of time because they were cutting edge when they were introduced, and became "classics" before they could be shunned. Small World is an example. It is unquestionably a classic ride and wwhat a "must do" for many, many people.

But if that ride did not exist, and was introduced today in its current form, the reaction would be: "Huh? You must be joking. Of grou of these rides, Little Mermaid and FEA are the two that kids are going to age out of the most. Just as they how to write an award letter with Pooh. Compared to the other state ix the art rides that kids get to do, I can't see that there is anything about these two new rides that will keep kids coming back as they age.

So yes, I definitely think aage they built a ride that will result in kids aging out of it. But they will be back when they have kids of their own! Joined Apr 14, For us, not so much. They also get bored and over inundated with things just like us. My girls changed "obsessions" all the time. My youngest poor thing was always ls to the game. I also believe that Frozen is finally running out vrozen steam--thank goodness!!!

Keyser DIS Veteran. Joined Aug 19, Something that happened with both of my daughters one is currently about that age, one is translate how are you to portuguese is that they suddenly became very "age conscious", starting around 2nd grade.

It seems that other kids at school or wherever will sometimes declare that "X is for kids". And then, they aren't allowed to like X any more without getting ostracized. And, this seems to be true for all the kids: whatever X is can us from being moderately popular one day to being "only for babies" in about a week's time.

Oh, and sometimes 1 month later, they seem to have all forgotten that X was for kids and they're all back to liking it Some of this is, I think, natural for kids as they grow whaf - they want to show that they're older, so anything that might identify them as being younger gets rejected, regardless of whether they actually like it or not. It doesn't necessarily get any better as they get older, unfortunately. Honestly, this has led to some good conversations about peer pressure with one of my daughters.

Sometimes they really whxt outgrown whatever the thing is, but in vroup cases, they decide they can still do it, just maybe not as much in some circumstances. Bringing this discussion back flr the rides, one of the nice things about WDW is that it's separate enough fro everyday life that they don't feel inhibited about doing something there that other kids might make fun of them gropu if they were here.

For instance, there are rides at WDW groul my wge including the teenager will want to what is key holding services when we go as a forr, but if they were with a group of their friends they would all act as if they're "too old" for it.

That said, yes, I expect that Frozen will lose some popularity with kids who used to ate it as they grow older this is true of almost everything - I remember when Dora the Explorer was THE big thing for my girls, but they did indeed grow out of it And, with Frozen not being as current of a movie, as new kids are growing up and see it, they probably won't latch onto it quite as much.

But, I expect it will maintain long-term popularity as much as any of the other princess movies has. Joined Jan 12, My 7 year old is still really into Frozen and she is beyond excited I was able to get Broup for the new ride for our upcoming trip Joined May 1, Donald Duck said:. SaintsManiac Wait for it. My daughter will be 6 in August and while she still loves her Frozen bedroom decor and toys, she has moved away toward the Monsters movies and full on Zootopia mania.

She has not watched Frozen in a long ave, but she said she's very excited about the ride. Either way, I aboslutely love Frozen. It's in my top 5 Disney movies and I even listen to the soundtrack by myself in the car.

They can't escape it with me around! Joined Jan 5, Frozen, like so many other wonderful things Disney and atewill lose hardcore fanatics at about the same rate as it gains them. Aeweddle Mouseketeer. Joined Jun 12, Still going strong with my five year old with no sign of fading. Seems to be lessening a bit for my friends who have older girls 3rd-4th grade. Joined Dec 13, The thing to keep in mind is that more children will be born over the next few decades and each o e will have a first-time viewing of Frozen at some point, most likely.

Whole new generations of Disney fans have yet to be born. That's what Disney counts on, not continued following of specific ofr or attractions from existing guests. Joined May 14, My daughter is 10 now and not really into Frozen either. She was a huge fan when it first came out, but with so much frozen stuff out there I'm sure she will still enjoy the FEA ride all the same. Joined Jan 8, My DD is 5.

She's pretty much obsessed aage Frozen. BUT she wasn't when it first came how to say hello in hebrew language, she was too young. By 8, all princesses are starting to be less cool.

Content that may disturb children

Nov 21,  · Meanwhile, Common Sense Media notes Frozen 2 is best for kids 6 and up as it's "slightly darker" than the first, which the organization said was OK for children 5 and older. Jun 29,  · My 8 year old was never into the princesses very much. Neither was her older sister. She was 6 when Frozen came out, so prime age for Frozen-mania. It really wasn't ever a thing for my girls. But I think by 9 the princess thing has run its course for most girls. May 20,  · MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you are a parent of a child under the age of 10, there’s a very good chance you know the words to “Let it Go.” “It’s an obsession for this age group, for sure.

On Tuesday, Disney announced it would take its highest-grossing animated film of all time to the ice. Some kids and parents! So, why are kids obsessed with this movie? She says the sisterly bond in this movie is different from the kind of love we normally see in animated films. Then, throw in a catchy song that encourages kids to belt it out and you have a winner.

Of the half-dozen children asked to recite the lyrics at a Minneapolis park Tuesday afternoon, every single one could do it, right from the top of their little heads.

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Guimaraes says her son liked the movie just as much as his sisters. More from Heather Brown.

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