What do you use an awl for

what do you use an awl for

What Is A Sewing Awl And What Are its Uses?

Jan 21, Awls are tools that are used to punch holes in leather, wood, and other materials. Theyve been around since ancient times and often come with a small thread hole built right in. The purpose of an awl is to puncture a material in a way that doesnt . Jan 17, This is a quick lesson on how to make a simple stitch using a sewing awl. Quick and simple.

What is an awl, you ask? Most people probably just assumed it was a weirdly shaped little knife, if they thought about it at all. Awls are tools that are used to punch holes in leather, wood, and other materials. This gives fkr a useful hole you can now stitch, grommet, or use to hang an object from. Leather workers especially are familiar with awls as they are generally used instead of a needle and thread. The awl allows them vo make a row of stitching holes that they can then thread heavy leather cord or another strong material through.

Awls are made to puncture materials, and they do this job very well. The tip of any knife is the weakest point on the blade and will often break off or chip when too much force is applied to it. The width of the blade yu makes it hard to cut a what is a living will form sized hole. Awls are significantly thicker and much narrower than standard knife blades.

They do a great job standing up tou hard downward pressure and can punch right through tough materials. In its most basic form an awl is a just thin piece of sharpened metal that you can push through a material to make a hole. Beyond that you can find different shapes, thicknesses, notched vs solid, and a whole wn of other features. Some of the most common types of awl include:. The rounded shape of the awl makes it possible for you to puncture something then twist it around to smooth and round out the opening.

So now you know what an usee is, but what do you use it for? The most common thing people use multi tool awls for is to add a hole to their belt. Having an awl on your multi tool makes it easy to add some much needed room to your jeans.

An awl lets you quickly shatter the top layer without risking your expensive knife blade. Need to get a screw started in wood? Multi tool awls work great for creating a precise little hole to securely plant your screw.

An awl is a great way to make a small scribe mark without dulling your main knife. Awls are a mainstain on Swiss Army Knives and other classic pocket knives. Most major manufacturers seem to go the route of an extra screwdriver or other tool instead of the what are some famous fashion designers old awl. Thankfully, new multi tool offerings from several major manufacturers are hse the awl a what to do during vacations. Its tool loadout is focused on providing things that will be useful during backcountry camping or an actual survival situation.

One of the best decisions they made wgat that end was the inclusion of a high quality awl with a thread loop. It lets you modify your clothes, repair damaged equipment, and even process animal hides to create new garb or hide blankets.

You can bore a hole or carve a notch through wood without risking your essential knife blade. Read our full Leatherman Signal review. Buy from Amazon. It lacks the thread hole of the Signal but still does a great job punching through leather, wood, and other materials in the backcountry or on a job site.

It lacks di blade surface and is only useful for puncturing materials. The Awk Center Drive is ror of the only tools from Gerber that includes an awl. The awl on the Center Drive has a distinctly triangular shape compared to most other pocket dhat awls but still does a good job punching through tough materials.

Read our Gerber Center-Drive Review. For anyone interested, here is our review of the Surge. Your email address will not be published. By Brian Hamilton January 21, am 2 Comments.

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Different types of Awls

Apr 10, Awl right! Starting holes for wood screws, punching holes through leather, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and other materials, scraping mung out of boot sole grooves and as a probe. I use mine awl the time and wouldn't be without one. My big disappointment with the Leatherman Charge is that they included a useless tiny screwdriver bit instead of one. Sep 25, The awl was made for punching holes in leather. I just don't need that on a daily EDC type basis. When I need to make a hole in leather (I work on leather bike saddles like Brooks and punching holes along the skirt to lace them is common) I use a plier type leather punch for a . Aug 04, An awl is great for saving your knife 99% of the time sure you could use your knife for most of that stuff then end up with a broken tipped knife then that would just be awlful Some ppl never learn though and it is awl over for them Sorry just couldn't help myself you awl know I don't usually jump in on awl the awl jokes so I had to this time It is kinda addictive if you keep on with it awl the time.

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Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Member Posts: The only time I have ever used an awl was for putting an extra hole in a belt. But that could have been done with a knife as well. So what exactly IS an awl used for other than umm, stabbing stuff? I've also used one to punch a hole in a wall to start sawing out a hole for a lightswitch, the next one I just used the saw and punched through using the OHT each time.

Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 7, Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 6, The awl IMO is a knife tip saver. I use my awls to poke holes in belts, scrape firestarters. I got awl artfawl Neil. I'm not taking any more mod orders at present, sorry. Probe, ice pick, scraper, etc. The backspring awl in the cellidor series is limited in duty compared to that of the Pioneer series. Merit Badges. I use the awl for poking holes in sheet-rock for those little plastic screw anchors.

I have also used it for removing foil off the tops of wine bottles to get the cork out. And, I have also used it for poking holes in aluminum soda cans, cardboard, leather. Useful tool for me. Common sense I used the awl on a soldier this afternoon to start holes when I put up some maglite brackets. No Life Club Posts: 3, I've used an awl to remove the clip on the cylinder of an American Lock padlock. No Life Club Posts: 1, Marsh-wiggle. I see the awl as a "dedicated multi-purpose tool" and a "knife tip saver".

I use it for all the prying, twisting, poking jobs, which could usually be improvised with a knife tip but work better with an awl. I've used mine for drywall stabbing too. I've actually done that one quite a few times. The awl and saw combo on the KF4 make for a great drywall team. Hero Member Posts: I've used my awl to bore holes into light metals thus eliminating the need to dull my knife edge, remove washers from faucets which were too tight for my fingers, scratch indexing marks, set nails and screws, remove solder tags from circuit traces and other general use where you need a small tough but maybe not-too-sharp edge.

Swiss Man. As you can see I have alot of overlap in tools. But the one tool that isn't overlapped is the inline awl that the Pioneer sports. I find several things to use it for, all the dirty jobs you don't want your blade going thru. There are two reasons that I carry the Pioneer 1 I love the look and feel.

The Pioneer awl can do all the usual awl things and also function as a really skinny blade. Good for cutting cable ties without risk to the wires or whatever under them. I prefer a tool with an awl. In fact, I'd say it's "awlful" for a tool to be without an awl. I'm sorry, I'm very sorry Global Moderator Just Bananas Posts: 64, Quote from: Biru on July 31, , PM. Saves my edge when using a ferosium rod. Chief of the Absolutely No Life Club!

Posts: 42, Why haven't you got a Farmer yet! Mike, Lord of the Spammers! No awl, Mike no buy. I had never even missed an awl until I needed one a week or so ago and my Wave was missing one. Fortunately, my day pack Bear Jaws had one, but the lack of an awl has made me ponder carrying a Supertool, Bear or Swisstool as everyday carry. And a Slayer of Polar Bear! That's a Vic soldier. Also the Wenger Standard Issue. No Life Club Posts: 2, No Life Club Posts: 4, Sea Monster. What Don't you use a reamer for?

Does anyone refer to them as Leather Punches? Quote from: Nomad on August 04, , AM. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Up. Help us keep the Unworkable working! Community Links. Powered by EzPortal. SMF 2. Logged B Multitool. Logged Merit Badges - Terry Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me I got awl artfawl Neil Wow, a multitool with a fold out coconut, what will they think of next Logged Multitool.

Mike Logged Common sense Neil Logged I'm not taking any more mod orders at present, sorry. Logged Jr. I got awl artfawl Neil Which model sak is that? I would prefer an awl that swings out the long end instead of the center would seem much more useful to me Logged Global Tuffy Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 28, Just Awesome! Logged I'm back!! Logged Multitool.

I find trimming my eyebrows a bit hit and miss Neil Logged I'm not taking any more mod orders at present, sorry. I find trimming my eyebrows a bit hit and miss Neil You just need more practice. Operational Funds Help us keep the Unworkable working!

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