What happened on house series finale

what happened on house series finale

‘Shameless’ series finale after party hit a snag

Jul 13,  · Contains major series 1 & 2 spoilers. Since its Best Drama Bafta nomination and two series renewals, Unforgotten fans haven’t been able to complain quite as loudly as before about how. May 24,  · I don't know why people are having trouble understanding this, as it is CLEARLY explained in the final minutes of the finale episode by Christian Shephard (Jack's dad). The original Oceanic plane crash happened. Everything on the Island through seasons happened.

Isn't that the point? Those were Pam Beesly-Halpert's parting words to the documentary crew on the series finale of The Office. While she was just talking about filming a run-of-the-mill paper company for nine years, the same could definitely be said for the how to lock the folder in windows xp finale.

The minute final episode didn't show Dunder Mifflin shutting down or everyone quitting in one fell swoop. It didn't bring back every crazy character a what effect does progesterone have on the endometrium Seinfeld although we would have loved to see Todd Packer start a conga line at Dwight and Angela's wedding.

But the mockumentary series' last hurrah was lovely and moving despite, or probably because of, its simplicity. After the penultimate episode ended with the PBS documentary finally debuting, the series finale picked up a year later on the weekend of both Dwight and Angela's wedding and a reunion panel for the documentary to see where everyone ended up.

There were lots of great Easter eggs within the episode for the show's extremely loyal fan base. As regional manager, Dwight hired Devon back, the employee who Michael fired in the Season 2 Halloween episode — for which he got that huge Christmas bonus used to buy Ryan's video iPod.

And at the very end of the episode, Michael's real estate agent and ex-lover, Carol Steve Carell's wife Nancypopped in to make a very important sale. It was nice that the producers at least tried to tell the public that he wasn't going to come back for the finale, because when he showed up, the tears began. He arrived right before Dwight's wedding, when Jim informed him that he just learned it's traditional for the best man to be older than the groom.

In Jim's sweetest prank ever, he calls in a substitute: Michael. We later learn at the reception that Michael has so many photos of his kids that he needs to have two phones and two plans for all his photos. But he hasn't forgotten his first "kids. Crash goes the sound of my heart breaking into tiny little pieces all over the floor.

But what happened to the rest of the Dunder Mifflin crew? Read on in no particular order to find out:. Andy: Andy became a viral video hit! But not in a good way. Creed: Faked his own death in the Baylor the day after the documentary aired, at which point the what happens when you leave an egg in vinegar came looking for him and informed everyone that he used to sell drugs and stole LSD from the military.

Turns out Creed, now rocking a full beard, hangs out in the office at night and plays the gang a song at the very end. Oscar: Oscar still works at Dunder Mifflin, but is now running for State Senate — the seat we presume once belonged to Angela's ex-husband.

Stanley: He retired and now lives in Florida City, Fla. He also got divorced. Phyllis: Phyllis is the same, she just misses Stanley and the two share a nice dance at the wedding. Meredith: Meredith is the same old, head-banging broad she always was. However, in a very creepy move, her son, Jake the same troublesome what happened on house series finale who loved calling Dwight "Mr. Poop" in the "Take Your Daughters to Work Day" episode in Season 2is now working as a stripper, specifically at Angela's bachelorette party.

Meredith was beaming with pride, natch. Kelly and Ryan: Kelly is still with Robbie, the doctor, and Ryan is now the single father to a young baby. They run off into the sunset together and leave Robbie with the baby. Darryl: Darryl stayed with Jim's company and is now a big shot who gets picked up in a limo.

The company merged and is now the Austin-based Athleap. Erin: The best thing to come out of the documentary? Two people watched it and happened to think, "Oh, that Erin girl looks like the daughter we gave up for adoption.

The world makes sense! Dwight and Angela: They have a wonderful wedding — albeit after Mose Mike Schur kidnaps the bride the night before the wedding. We learn that Angela's sister is Rachael Harris, which makes sense because they have both played tight-asses intent on ruining Ed Helms' life. Jim and Pam: One of the best parts of the whole episode is when Pam tells the docu crew that she could only watch a bit of the documentary because she kept wanting to scream at herself to get together with Jim.

Um, welcome to four years of our lives, gurl. To make it up to Jim, Pam secretly puts their house on the market — this is where Carol comes in — so that Jim can go back to Athleap and they can move to Austin.

This is my "big Jim gesture to show you all at once how much I love you," she says. Instead of letting them quit, Dwight rightfully fires them so he can give them both one month's severance for every year they worked at Dunder Mifflin. So what did you think of The Office series finale? Are you glad Michael came back?

Did you cry? Whose ending did you like the best? Close Ad. Live TV. New This Month. What's Streaming in April. More TV Picks. Kate Stanhope May 16,p. Read on in no particular order to find out: Andy: Andy became a viral video hit!

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Jun 17,  · How Did the Series End? The sixth and final season of The Sopranos was an interesting one. Told in two parts, the first half of Season 6 saw Tony in . May 16,  · The Office Series Finale: What Happened to the Dunder Mifflin Crew? [Spoiler alert: The following story reveals major plot points from The Office series finale. In what has now become a tradition on House of was promised — with a "beautifully macabre" shocker of a series finale. Much like Kevin Spacey's disgraceful exit from the series, the mystery.

Well, here we are, at the end of the road. Bloodline is ending after a three-season run at Netflix and the Rayburns as we know them will cease to show up as our late spring fix that makes us appreciate our own families. At its best moments, Bloodline was a prestige drama that showed off some incredible acting chops from Ben Mendelsohn, Sissy Spacek, and others on the show. At its worst, John had a number of fever dreams about Danny coming back from the dead. Sally is showing people around the inn.

Kevin is getting yelled at by Jake. Meg is running. And John? John is still driving. He wants help from Kevin because Nick, that man that Kevin thought he befriended, is actually a Fed and the whole Cuban operation Kevin has been put on by Roy is crumbling. About what exactly? Who knows. Probably seeing his dead brother.

With Beth Mackey. Maybe just another extension of the Rayburn clan? Thinking the worst, she runs to the garage to discover a naked Kevin with a loaded gun. He says not to look at him, and he puts the gun to his head. He puts the gun down after admitting that the DEA knows everything about his operation with the Cubans.

Belle tells Kevin to get John because John can fix everything… except himself, honestly. Kevin goes to John, but he immediately folds after being judged by John. She walks out, and John is left in tears. Not a great thing to hear from your grandma. John meets with a detective and calls out that he knows Kevin is under a secret investigation.

Kevin is percent not interested, and when he gets a call directly from the Cubans threatening his family, Kevin makes the one totally wrong move he could make: He goes to Roy.

Recap continues on page 2. Hey, Kevin, did you hear that? So John goes home and finds Kevin sitting outside of the inn. The music inside is crazy loud , and Sally is inside wasted.

And John jumps to the conclusion… Roy was the man she had an affair with. Kevin hates that theory, but it seems like it could be pretty sound. John goes inside and turns off the music only to find Sally standing at the sink, water running, static. She launches into a discussion of how the super moon affects the tide: It makes the sea rise, and it takes it.

Everything: her kids, the inn, everything. But when Kevin tries to comfort her, Sally goes all in and explains how messed up Danny was. And the girls… she only had sweet things to say about.

She blamed him for everything: for Danny, for Sarah, and for the entire Rayburn demise. He was the one that caused the most damage, but John is broken at this point. You never have. John goes to a bar, and what do you know, Danny appears again. How did you see me growing up? Nolan wants to know the truth about what happened to Danny, and Danny tells John that this is his chance.

He can be honest and switch the way that the Rayburn family works. John lets himself in, and it appears that Kevin and Belle have taken off. Kevin calls John back and he puts it on speaker phone, allowing Kevin to completely out himself and reveal where he is — his plans to escape with Belle and his entire strategy to start fresh in Cuba.

He and Belle continue to escape in a much smaller boat. In an office, John gets a call from a blocked number. John was in on the plan all along. He just wanted Kevin to escape. When Kevin asks if John, Meg, and Sally could come and visit, he says no. So we return to the lines that opened this episode.

John returns to the inn, and he hears voices in the distance of his past: the parties and family moments that made the Rayburns so perfect and unattainable and deeply flawed. Looking out the window, he sees Nolan on the dock and older Danny puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him to go tell Nolan the truth.

Bloodline ends on a knowing stare. Maybe it only took a look for Nolan to know. Maybe it was a cliffhanger cut short by Netflix. Maybe it was creative storytelling gone… awry.

Meg is presumably still running. Kevin is caught. Danny is dead, and Sally is getting the worst mom award this year. Well, this time, John is still as complexly and brokenly entrenched in his past as he ever was. Bloodline series finale recap: 'Part 33'. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

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S1 E12 Recap 'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 12'. S1 E9 Recap 'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 9'. S1 E10 Recap 'Bloodline' recap: 'Part 10'. Share options. All rights reserved. View image. In Season.

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