What is a psn account

what is a psn account

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PlayStation Network Online gaming, entertainment, friends, shopping and more – PSN is where your online journey begins. Connect to our online world Create your PSN ID, add friends and enjoy incredible gaming and entertainment on your PlayStation consoles and other connected devices. Your account for PlayStation Network. Sign in to PlayStation Network or create an account to enjoy all of the benefits a single sign-in ID across select Sony group services. Sign-in or create an account. Less time, no hassle.

But what actually is PSN, and what does it do? Let's take a look at what the PlayStation Network is, some of the services it offers, and what you should know about it as a PlayStation gamer. In short, the PlayStation Network is Sony's online gaming and media delivery service for PlayStation consoles and other devices. It allows anyone with a PlayStation account to access various services for their gaming systems.

You can think of it as Sony's equivalent to Microsoft's Xbox Live network. As a result, there's no what is a psn account PlayStation Network website to visit—it's an infrastructure that powers many services.

If you're having a problem, have a look at the PlayStation Network status page to check for current known issues. PlayStation Network first launched in Novemberto coincide with the launch of the PlayStation 3. Anyone can create a PSN account for free. Starting with the PS4, you can also share your real name on your account with select friends. Infamously, PSN suffered a major security breach in April Sony identified that hackers had infiltrated PlayStation Network and compromised the personal details of around 77 million PSN users.

In response, Sony took PSN offline for nearly a month, meaning that nobody could access PlayStation Network to how to make abortion at home online or buy digital games. After it was all fixed, the company gave everyone a free subscription to PlayStation Plus and a handful of free games. PlayStation Plus is a premium subscription service with several benefits. Related: Xbox Live vs.

Additionally, PlayStation Plus grants subscribers "free" games every month. As long as you "purchase" them while they're free, they're yours to keep and play as long as you remain a subscriber. Rounding out the perks are extras like increased discounts during sales, automatic system updates, and cloud storage for game saves. The PlayStation Store is Sony's digital storefront for games, add-ons, profile avatars, and similar.

You can access it through your console or on the PlayStation Store web interface. Like other digital stores, buying games through the PS Store lets you download them directly to your console instead of having to insert a physical disc.

This is quite convenient, as new games are available immediately and you don't have to worry about switching game discs.

PlayStation Now is Sony's game streaming service, available with a separate subscription. Because you stream the games, you don't have to download anything to your system though many titles are available to download on PS4. This is a great way to catch up on games that you missed from past systems, or even to enjoy PlayStation-exclusive titles if you only have a gaming PC.

Read More: PlayStation How to make a power point template vs. PlayStation's Trophies are similar to Xbox Achievements. These are goals that you can complete in games, such as completing a level without dying or collecting every item. Normal Trophies come in bronze, silver, and gold variants depending on their difficulty.

Platinum Trophies are special, and only unlock when you earn all the other Trophies for a game. As you earn Trophies, you increase your "Trophy level," which displays on your profile. This is for bragging rights only, as Trophies have no real value aside from some games providing you with a PlayStation theme or avatar for getting the platinum trophy. While most of PlayStation Network's content revolves around video games, Sony offers other types of content on it, too.

You can open the app to enjoy music through your TV, or even use the Quick Menu to listen while you play. How to recover permanently deleted files from pendrive Premium isn't required, so it's a handy feature if you don't like a game's built-in music.

You can rent or buy movies and TV shows to watch on your PlayStation console or mobile device. However, you can access PlayStation Network on the go, too. Sony offers a few apps for both Android and iOS that let you access your account and use some features anywhere. The main PlayStation App lets you check up on your friends, customize your profile, get alerts about messages, shop on the PS Store, and more.

It's definitely worth installing for PlayStation owners. As we've seen, PlayStation Network makes all the awesome online features of modern PlayStation systems possible. Be sure to also protect your PSN account with two-step verification. Here's everything we know about the PlayStation 5, the next-gen Sony console and successor to the PS4.

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PlayStation Plus

Oct 30,  · In short, the PlayStation Network is Sony's online gaming and media delivery service for PlayStation consoles and other devices. It allows anyone with a PlayStation account to access various services for their gaming systems. You can think of it Author: Ben Stegner. My PlayStation. PlayStation Network – or PSN – is our name for all the stuff you can do over the internet on your PlayStation console. With an account for PSN you can create your own nickname and profile, add a picture, and connect with other friends who have an account for PSN.

If you breach these terms we may temporarily or permanently suspend your account. For the most serious breaches, we may suspend your PlayStation console from accessing PlayStation Network. If we suspend your account or PlayStation console, you will see an error code when attempting to sign in to PSN. We send that to the email address associated with your account your sign-in ID. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder for the email.

If you have not received a notification, please contact us for further information. You can access your account once your temporary suspension ends. You can see how long is left by checking the email notification from PlayStation Safety. As a result, suspensions are final and cannot be appealed unless:. You have been suspended for an account debt. This will be lifted once you have paid off the balance.

For more information, please visit the PlayStation Network suspension for account debt guide. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to access PlayStation Network. That means you will not be able to use some products and services, even ones you paid for.

If your console is suspended you will not be able to connect to PlayStation Network with any account. We will never take automatic payment for a subscription from a suspended account. If a subscription payment is due while your account is suspended, we will not attempt to take payment and your subscription and any associated benefits will lapse.

In the event that you would like to make changes to your subscription settings while your account is suspended, you will need to contact us.

How do I know if my account or console has been suspended from PSN? When will my PSN suspension end? Can I appeal my PSN suspension?

As a result, suspensions are final and cannot be appealed unless: You have been suspended for an account debt. What happens if my account or console is suspended? How can I manage my subscriptions if my account is suspended? Can a second-hand PlayStation console suspension be lifted? If you have purchased a suspended PlayStation console, please contact the seller for help. Need help? Contact our support specialists. Contact PlayStation Support.

Back to PlayStation. Age restricted. Confirm age. Sign In to your Sony account and we'll remember your age next time.

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