What is a soncap certificate

what is a soncap certificate


a Certificate of Conformity (COC), called the SONCAP Certificate (SC), issued by Cotecna Obtaining the SC from Cotecna is based on first having a valid Product Certificate (PC). The PC is required for the opening of the Form M, which is a document needed to pre-declare the goods to be imported in Nigeria. Code Name; 1A: PAAR: 1B: SGD: 1C: FORM M: 1D: Bill of Lading/Airway Bill: 1E: Packing List: 1F: Invoice: 1G: ECOWAS Declaration Form: 2A: Certificate of analysis: 2B.

Transportation is not just about moving an object from point A to point B, it's a process of value delivery: sending things all over the country, carrying customers to upper floors or building a warehouse for cargos, all of which require products in transportation.

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ABOUT US. Verigates is a web platform dedicated to pre-shipment inspection programmes operated by Bureau Veritas, Government Services & International Trade Division. Step 6: When the Form M is accepted by the NCS, the importer forwards a copy of the Form M to his exporter, who will in turn contact Cotecna, the International Accreditation Firm, with the Form M, the Final Invoice, the Bill of Lading/Airway Bill and the packing list, for the issuance of the SONCAP Certificate. soncap????kristinfrey.com??aroute a????:(1)??a?????????pc1,??pr? PC?Product Certificate???,PR?Product Report???? PC?????6??,??1????.

Where is your next product launch planned? Once a market is pinpointed, you will need to navigate the complexities of international product safety and market access, especially regulatory compliance, performance testing and certification.

Select your target regions and specify your industry, and the map displays relevant certifications and requirements. Click on each mark for details. The Middle East market is often appealing for manufacturers around the world, but navigating the regulatory landscape and cultural differences in day-to-day business can be intimidating.

As part of our effort to ensure our customers remain informed, we continuously monitor and participate in the global regulatory environment. Earlier this year, The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization SASO published new Energy Efficiency EE standards for Saudi Arabia related to refrigerating appliances, washing machines, clothes dryers and water heaters, and updated the standard for household air conditioners. The mandatory implementation schedule is still to be officially confirmed by SASO, but an announcement is planned for December 1st Until that time, products submitted for compliance to the Saudi Energy Efficiency program should be evaluated to the SASO standards specified in the below table.

Manufacturers intending to ship products into Saudi Arabia must have them tested by a testing laboratory registered with SASO. The report and required documentation must then be submitted to register these products for the new EE Label. The regulatory landscape is changing rapidly and staying on top of market entry requirements is more challenging than ever before. With new information emerging daily, having the most current insights can help you better manage product certifications and approvals in uncertain times.

Visit UL website frequently to learn the current status for:. Updates will be made frequently and as quickly as information can be obtained from regulators. If you have questions on specific projects or for countries not listed, please contact your UL project handler or contact us to reach one of our experts. Click here to gain up-to-date information on regulatory changes, deviations, exceptions and extensions that may impact access to your target markets.

Please provide us with a few basic contact details, so we can reply to your inquiry as accurately as possible:. Your information was successfully submitted. Someone on our team should get back to you shortly. Find out how UL can help you bring your product to market. Get an overview of everything UL can do for you. After years of research and planning a product, you want market access to go smoothly.

A misstep here can result in low consumer confidence, or worse, product recalls. You need a good advisor on your side. UL puts an expert compliance team behind you. Our services cover all the essentials of global market access: from product safety and design to performance testing and regulatory compliance. Using multiple tests, UL knows how to put a product through its paces and recreate real-world use.

Our representatives in any target region speak the language, understand the market landscape and tailor knowledge to your needs. UL can even streamline a global product launch by bundling several markets into one certification process. This information is only a selection of some of the most popular markets and marks for guidance and illustration purposes only. The map represents some of the marks and certificates that UL may be able to assist you in obtaining if your products meet all the applicable requirements.

Mark and certificate requirements may vary from product to product and region to region. For the most updated information regarding your specific needs for market access, please contact your local UL representative. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. All marks are used here for illustration purposes only. Ready for the next step? Access North, Central and South America.

Reach multiple global markets in one Process. Interoperability Testing. Pairing Safety with Smarter Cybersecurity. Correctly displaying the Gulf Conformity Marking.

Simplifying Australian Market Access. Ready to launch your products in the Middle East? Market surveillance Local representative. Initial and annual inspection Market surveillance Local representative.

Test report from CQC-accredited test laboratories based on in-country testing accepted. But if you apply for Certificate B, a local representative will be required. Can vary based on product specification, some equipment may need additional testing. Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority. Communications and Information Technology Commission. EN DoC is mandatory. Can usually be by manufacturer rather than mandatory 3rd party lab test.

Should be done yearly in accredited labs, and samples tests should be taken by UL. There are Schemes 1b, 4 and 5 accordingly to ISO Validity: 3 years, with annual surveillances. Annual retesting and licensing, License Certificate can only be issued to one model number generic model not accepted and one brand name. Declaration of Test Results issued by accredited Lab is also required.

Importer creates an account on ERC portal. CoC and ISM mark are required for each shipment. Local Representative Required. E-labelling allowed in case of mobile handsets and tablets. As on February 16, , only 02 phases of this TEC scheme have been notified yet. Marking of Certification Logo and Number Required. Validity period of certification: 3 Years. Local representative required. Obtain a license to affix the energy saving label from a regulatory body.

Validity period of certification: 3 years. Validity period of certification: no expiry, local representative required. Industrial Facilities Emitting Radio Waves such as No expiration as long as the product is in compliance with the relevant regulations and designated standards. Manufacturers shall ensure that the apparatus is accompanied by instructions and the information in English. Test report in accordance with applicable designated standards accepted.

Energy labels must be displayed at the point of sale, whether physical or not products sold online or by distance selling. To apply for this option, we have to review case by case.

If no lab or lab cannot perform test within 30 days, go to 2nd option Second option: Testing to be performed at ONAC accredited lab in Colombia If no lab or lab cannot perform test within 30 days, go to 3rd option Important note: Before start testing, mandatory sampling procedure has to be performed by the UL Colombia CO.

Test reports issued by an accredited laboratory ISO Test reports issued by in-house laboratory Test reports issued by local government laboratories. Test reports issued by an accredited laboratory ISO Test reports issued by in-house laboratory.

Testing requirements vary depending on product type. Mandatory for telecommunication products or other products with telecommunication functions. Anatel has specific criteria for sample selection.

Information of Factory unit where sample was selected and Traceability, need to be provided before tests begin. Sample send to test need to have label informing, Manufacturer or brand , model name, country of origin of sample to test and traceability. No expiration as long as the product is in compliance with the relevant directives and standards. No expiration. Declaration must be updated if the standard is updated or amended. Medical Device Directive.

No specific regulation. Initial and annual factory inspections. ENEC retesting on product samples taken from a production site.

For luminaires, compliance with ISO and testing can only take place in Europe. On the basis of new IEC standards, manufacturer specifications for general LED luminaire performance characteristics are checked and confirmed. Test report from any accredited laboratory traceable to ILAC accepted. Safety: Up to 5 years or no expiration depending on product type.

EMC: No expiration. High Efficiency Appliance Certification Program. Select a region or certification mark to learn more! Latest Topics. In addition to providing testing and certification for appliances in accredited laboratories registered with SASO, we keep our customers aware of changes by becoming one trusted source of compliance information and support the registration process for obtaining the new EE Labels.

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