What is a victorian house

what is a victorian house

What Is Victorian Architecture?

??As Grant Marani, a partner at New Yorks Robert A.M. Stern Architects, explains it: Victorian means different things to different people. But generally, the styles that are most strongly Occupation: Contributing Writer. ??As the name suggests, Victorian homes reflect architectural styles that were popular during Queen Victorias reign (). Interestingly, many of the details that we now associate with this style are actually eclectic interpretations of older architectural movements such as Medieval Gothic and Romanesque. Get home decor deals instantly!

Victorian architecture in America is vitorian just one style, but many design styles, each with its own unique array of features. The Victorian era is that time period that matches the reign of England's Queen Victoria from to During that period, a distinct form of residential architecture was developed and became popular.

Here are a few of the most popular house stylesknown collectively as Victorian architecture. The developers of Victorian homes were born during the Industrial Revolution. These designers embraced new materials and technologies to create houses like no one had ever seen before. Mass-production and mass-transit the railroad system made ornamental architectural details and metal parts affordable.

Victorian architects and builders applied decoration liberally, combining features borrowed from many different eras with flourishes from their own whxt. When you look at a house built during the Victorian era, you might see pediments which are characteristic of Greek Revival or balustrades echoing a Beaux Arts style.

You may see dormer windows and other Colonial Revival details. You may also see medieval ideas such as Gothic windows and exposed trusses. And, of course, you'll find lots of brackets, spindles, scrollwork and other machine-made building parts. Victorian-era architecture was emblematic of the new American ingenuity and prosperity. During the how to prequalify for a mortgage loan when the Victorian era was just gearing up, Italianate style houses became the hot new trend.

The style spread quickly across the United States via widely-published Victorian pattern books, many still available in reprints. With low roofs, wide eaves, and ornamental brackets, Victorian Italianate houses are reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance villa. Some even sport a romantic cupola on the roof.

Medieval architecture and the great cathedrals of the Gothic age inspired all sorts of flourishes during the Victorian era. Builders gave houses arches, pointed windows with diamond-shaped panes, and other elements borrowed from the Middle Ages. Diagonal window muntinsdominant vertical dividers in the windows, as seen here on the Pendleton Houseare typical of the 17th century Post-Medieval English or First Period style homes built by English colonists, such as seen on the Paul Revere house in Boston.

Some Victorian Gothic Revival homes are grand stone buildings like miniature castles. Others are rendered in wood. Small wooden cottages with Gothic Revival features are called Carpenter Gothic and are very popular even today. Rounded towers, pediments, and expansive porches give Queen Anne architecture regal airs.

But the style has nothing to do with British royalty, and Queen Anne houses do not resemble buildings from the medieval times of the English Queen Anne. Instead, Queen Anne how long is the flight from toronto to ecuador expresses the exuberance and inventiveness of industrial-age builders.

Study the style and you'll discover several different sub-types, proving that there's no end to the variety of Queen Anne styles. Folk Victorian is victogian generic, vernacular Victorian style. Builders added spindles or Gothic windows to w square and L-shaped buildings. A creative carpenter with a newly-invented jigsaw may have created complicated trim, but look beyond the fancy dressing and you'll see a no-nonsense farmhouse right what is a victorian house beyond the architectural detail.

Often built in coastal areas, Shingle Style homes are rambling and austere. But, the simplicity of the style is deceptive. Vichorian large, informal homes were adopted by the wealthy for lavish summer homes. Iss, a Shingle Style house isn't always sided with shingles! Stick style houses are, as the name implies, decorated with intricate stickwork and half-timbering. Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal boards create elaborate patterns on the facade. But if you look past these surface details, a stick style house is relatively plain.

Stick Style houses don't have big bay windows or fancy ornaments. On first glance, you might mistake a Second Empire house for an Italianate. Both have a somewhat boxy shape. But a Second Empire house will always have a high mansard roof. Constructed of rusticated stone with rough surfaces, Romanesque Revival styles resemble small castles with their corner turrets and identifying arches.

The style was often used for large public buildings like libraries and courthouses, but some private homes were also built in what became known as the Richardson or Richardsonian Romanesque style. The Glessner House, Richardson's Chicago, Illinois design finished innot only influenced the Victorian-era styles of American architecture, but also the future work of American architects such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Because of Richardson's great influence on American architecture, his Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts has been called one of the ten buildings that changed America. The ornate spindles and knobs s on so many Victorian-era houses, especially Queen Anne homes, were inspired by the decorative furniture of English designer Charles Eastlake When we call a house Eastlakewe're usually describing the intricate, fancy detailing that can be found on any number of Victorian styles.

Eastlake style is a light and airy aesthetic of furniture and architecture. In the mids, innovative builders experimented with eight-sided houses. The thought behind this design q the expression of a belief that more light and ventilation was healthier in a sooty, industrialized America.

Besides having eight sides, typical features include the use of quoins to accentuate the many corners and a cupola on a flat roof. Octagon houses can be found from coast to coast in the United States. After the Erie Canal was finished inthe stonemason builders never left upstate New York. Instead, they took their skills and Victorian-era cleverness to build a variety of stately, rural homes. The James Coolidge Octagon House in Madison, New York is even more unique for because it is inlaid with cobblestones another 19th-century fad in more rocky locales.

Octagon houses are rare and are not always inlaid with local stones. The few that remain are wonderful reminders of Victorian ingenuity and architectural diversity. Actively scan device what is a victorian house for identification.

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Victorian Style renovations and extensions

V ictorian houses are architecturally commonly referred to as the Victorian Style but this "style" is really a period in history. The Victorian era roughly corresponds to the time when Queen Victoria ruled Britain ( to ). During this time, industrialization brought many innovations in architecture. A Victorian home is not a single style of architecture so much as its a representation of a specific era. Victorian houses emerged during Queen Victorias reign . Similar to Victorian architecture is the Edwardian style of architecture, which began upon the death of Queen Victoria and subsequent reign of King Edward VII (), although everything up through is considered part of the period. Edwardian style .

Victorian homes have captured our hearts for over two hundred years now. However, there is so much more than meets the eye behind those dollhouse-like exteriors. This architectural style includes multiple, distinct variations that all deserve a critical look. Read on to learn more about how Victorian home style became a worldwide phenomenon and what makes it so special. Interestingly, many of the details that we now associate with this style are actually eclectic interpretations of older architectural movements such as Medieval Gothic and Romanesque.

Thanks to the size of the British Empire during that time, Victorian architecture has an incredibly wide reach. Many budding architects of this period would travel to the colonies to start their careers. Of course, due to these geographic differences, there is some variance in style.

Below is a list of the most common types of Victorian homes:. Modeled after Italian Renaissance villas, these homes are typically just two stories. In contrast to other Victorian styles, they have low roofs and wide eaves. However, true to this style of architecture, they also host highly ornamental brackets. These houses tend to start out with a simple rectangular or square base.

A simpler version of the typical Victorian home, Folk Victorians are smaller and square, with much less complex floorplans. No towers here. However, their Victorian roots can still be found on the decorative trim work outlining their porches and roof lines. Look for turned spindles, lace-like detailing, and beveled corners. Perhaps the most famous of all Victorian styles is the Queen Anne. Despite the variance in types of Victorian homes, there are a few defining features that tie this architectural style together.

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