What is good about communism

what is good about communism

12 Pros and Cons of Communism

Dec 16, 1. Everyone gets the same chance. Excluding government officials for the practical application of Communism, it is a theory where everyone should receive the same chance to build a life for themselves. There arent any inherent household benefits, like existing wealth, that can give certain people an advantage. May 07, Communism is a socioeconomic system in which all the resources and the means of production are owned by a society that is not divided into classes. This implies that all property within this economic system is publicly owned and private property is non-existent.

Communism is a political theory which was derived from the work of Karl Marx. He advocated for class war within a society which would eventually lead to all properties being state-owned instead of private ownership. Then each person would be paid according to the needs of their community and their unique skills and abilities.

This form of government falls within the spectrum of socialism structures. Instead of common ownership belonging to the people, however, the government retains absolute control over every national resource. That reduces the impact of social classes and money, but it also limits individual freedom and decision-making opportunities.

These are a list of the most significant advantages and disadvantages which come from this form of government. It reduces the impact of socioeconomic differences in society. When Communism is enforced by the government, everyone except the top tier of government officials is on the same footing. There are few distinctions between urban or rural households. Each person plays a contributing role to the success of the country. Everyone works within the industry at which they are needed, creating efficiency levels which are higher because the differences are smaller.

People start life off with the same opportunities. Communism eliminated those factors, basing it on the concept that everyone should have the same chances to create a life for themselves.

Employment opportunities abound in Communism structures. Everyone who wants a job under Communist supervision gets a job. Some people are compelled to work because their skills are necessary for the greater good. There are how to put your face in a youtube video roles considered superior over others in this government format.

Some might argue that this concept, taking from socialism, offers more equality than what a free-market system dictates. Educational opportunities increase during Communist rule. The top priority for a Communist government when it comes to power is to offer educational opportunities to the general public. When the Communists took over the government in China intheir first task was to teach people who were illiterate how to read and write.

They brought vocational skills to urban and rural communities, showing people how to be productive in manufacturing, agricultural, and industrial positions.

This process gave people practical skills which could be used to improve their overall guess the killer hindi song whatsapp answer of life though granted, that improvement came at the discretion of the government. It creates a stronger social community. The design of Communism works toward the full inclusion of every family structure.

When people focus on social cohesion through their work and role in society, they theoretically work toward a stronger nation. Public ownership structures are easily manipulated by others. Because there is no private ownership involved with communism, the public nature of all properties creates a higher risk of abuse.

Those who are at the highest levels of government within this structure control the most resources. If they decide to make changes within society, then no one can do anything to stop them.

You are always at the mercy of what the governing officials decide to do with your property, your job, and your resource accessibility. Most employment opportunities are in the agricultural sector. Communist governments restrict trade and commerce unless the needs of the State require additional resources. When the Soviet Union existed, their trade activities with the Western industrialized countries the U.

They might decide to trade vodka for soft what is an international assignment, for example, or offer a direct cash payment for specific items they would import. That means most employment opportunities involve the agricultural sector under Communism. There what are the pimples on my nipples no society if food resources are scarce.

Individual rights are not a top priority under Communist rule. The goal of Communism, and socialism to some extent, is to increase the well being of the entire community. This goal occurs when everyone works together for the common good. The difference between Communism and socialism is that the latter still respects individual rights. Communism dictates almost every goal or need of the individual. You are only free to pursue your interests if they contribute to the welfare of the whole.

Individuals receive role assignments that shift whenever the needs of the government change. Socialism permits individuals to pursue whatever ventures they wish after their work for the community is finished because the group self-governs themselves without a secondary central authority in the mix.

Opposition is not permitted in Communism unless the how to ripen fruit fast authority authorizes it. Only one entity, the oversight state, controls the agenda, messaging, and performance of society under Communist rule. The government controls the law at all times. They can instantly decide if actions or conduct of individuals should become illegal, then apply those changes retroactively if they so choose.

This government format uses absolute rule over all commercial or industrial production unless they authorize someone else to control those components of society. If you do not receive authority to offer opposition, engage in innovation, or pursue entrepreneurism, then there is a good chance that you have violated the law or what is there to do in kandy sri lanka be found in violation in the future. The result meant actions like profiteering could be viewed as a counter-revolutionary activity, which would result in a death penalty declaration.

The Soviet Civil Code much of which is still used today by governments in China, Cuba, and other Communist states abolished civil liberties, protection of law, and the rule of law. Communism makes no distinction between propaganda and education. Offering education to everyone sounds like an advantage under Communism, but it creates results in reverse.

Indoctrination, education, and propaganda work together to change the perspectives of the general population. Everything from textbooks to newspaper articles is carefully directed, managed, and monitored to produce results.

They might offer reading and writing essentials to the general population, but in return, they ask for compliance in every aspect of life. Dissent is not permitted under Communist rule. There are three notable uprisings against the Chinese government sinceincluding the Tibetan uprising, the Tiananmen Square protests, and the Falun Gong practitioners. Dissidents in the Soviet Union faced what is mink fur worth even worse fate, including forced admittance to mental hospitals, entry to a labor camp, or general exile.

Because dissent was considered a criminal act, it could result in lengthy prison sentences too. There is no way to change the behaviors of the ruling group from within. Communism bases its ideas on a totalitarian system. There are no mechanisms within that kind of government to create change from the inside. That leaves people with two options if they find their circumstances are growing worse: encourage an epiphany within the government or become outspoken about the issues.

People disappear frequently, even today, because of how the government is perceived. Forced disappearances occur when the state secretly imprisons or abducts someone, then refuses to acknowledge their whereabouts or fate. That places the individual outside of the protection which global laws provide.

Under Communist rule, forced disappearance implies either murder or long-term forced labor with plausible deniability. It reduces levels of meaningful employment in society. It gives you how to create a game engine right to continue living with the basic essentials and not much more.

The goal is to have you help everyone else in exchange for not needing to worry about basic needs. Individuals are given income limits to follow. Wealth belongs to the government when following the teachings of Communism. Once you earn your capped salary level from your employment, the remainder goes to the government for redistribution unless specific exemptions are authorized. Families push their children toward specific careers which may not have those exemptions to help them live a better life than they are because of this structure.

The outcome of Communism is often poverty. Communism might suggest that everyone benefits from its structure, but it is the opposite which occurs most often. The government can change the rules at any time to help themselves.

They declare how much economic growth occurs, who benefits from it, and industrial emphasis in each community. This might give the government ways to respond quickly during emergency situations, but it also puts the population at the mercy of the whims of the State.

Most people live in poverty under Communism unless free-market exceptions, like those passed in recent decades by China, allow for some freedoms under the structure.

The pros and cons of Communism were first offered as a way to counter the negative impacts of democracy and free-market systems. As part of the socialism spectrum, it is arguably the most invasive and dangerous form of government still in use today.

Although there are some potential benefits to look at from an outside perspective, the reality of this governing type is that it hurts more people than it ever tries to help. List of the Advantages of Communism 1. List of the Disadvantages of Communism 1. Share Pin Tweet.

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Mar 18, Communist countries have free health care, education, and other services. The plan also seeks to increase the nation's economic growth, secure national defense, and maintain infrastructure. The state owns businesses on behalf of the workers, which, in effect, means the government owns a monopoly. Communism is a utopian philosophy, so in theory it is really quite good. The ultimate goal of communism is to have a society where all resources are shared equally based on need, property is all owned collectively, there is no state, and work is done based on personal desire rather than economic need.

Benefits of Communism. Communism is a political thought that suffer from large-scale public condemnation. Although countries like North Korea, Cuba and China still continue to practice communism in its modified forms, it has been widely-accepted all over the world that state controlled economy is a downright failure.

However, despite condemnation, why have a few countries continued to maintain this political system? Is communism a practical idea? In a few days, communism may be just as practical as any other capitalist concept and can bring about development in a country. Let us look at some of the benefits of communism. People are equal. In a communist regime, people are treated equal regardless of education, financial stability, and so on, in the eyes of the government.

Every citizen can keep a job. In a Communist system, people are entitled to have jobs. Because the government owns all the means of production, the government can provide jobs for at least a majority of the people.

Everyone in a communist country is given enough work opportunities for them to live and survive. Every citizen, however, must do his or her part for the economy, to receive pay and incentives. An internally stable economic system In communism, the government rules the economy so stability is out of the question. This creates an incentive to participate and to help in economic growth.

Establishment of stronger social communities In communism, there are certain laws, rules and goals in allocating resources and responsibilities. If the citizens abide by these laws, this leads to a harmonious spirit of sharing with one goal. This consequently builds stronger social communities, and an even stronger economy.

No competition. In communist societies, everyone is created equal. All the work, responsibility, and all the rewards reaped are shared equally among the citizens. If people have no sense of envy, jealousy or ambitions that counter the goals of the state, then a harmonious economic development can be maintained.

Efficient distribution of resources In a communist society, the sense of cooperation allows for healthy communistic systems. This means that communist societies are very efficient at resource distribution even in localized areas. This is very important especially in times of need and in emergency situations. Communism is a political thought based on sharing of efforts and sharing of resources. Although today, no self-sustaining country has used ideal communist policy, modified forms can still be considered practical.

However, as long as the advantages of capitalism remain to be the dominant economic system in the world, citizens and countries will obviously choose it over communism. There seems to be no room for this political ideology in this age of consumerism and private entrepreneurship, but communism still has its practical aspects, especially in controlling natural resources.

And all this constitutes Communist kitsch. I agree with the fact that it constitutes harmony and a community workforce. From each according to their ability, To each according to his need! Obviously, the person who wrote this only wrote of the ideology of communism, not of the actual practice of it.

While common citizens of these countries live in poverty and starve in the streets, the leaders live in the best houses, are catered to, have private imported food stores, have servants, have the best private education for their children, have chauffers and limousines, etc. No, a communist government is nothing more than a priveleged few ruling over the oppressed masses.

Please, please, please actually READ the history of communist countries they murdered millions of innocent citizens to establish their regimes. Communism does not work! Communism does not work because of the people who twist and abuse the ideals, not Communism itself. Communism is an idea, with no physical form or thought of its ownit has no voice and no say about the people who choose, or is forced, to follow its political layout.

Yes, so many lives were lost under those who practices communism, but death could be affiliated to most every other sort of government and even religion, eg. The Crusades. Even after the Articles of Confederation failed, slavery was still around for years after. That was all because of people. And even in the modern America of today, the rich are rich and the poor are poor. And society just LOVES to make a point of that; the differences between the privileged few and suffering masses are apparent, regardless of the type of government in play.

To reiterate, this is because of people. People feel and think. We have pride and we have honor. Because the people can be so vastly different, clashing and merging with one another, it is no wonder there is so much death and chaos in the history of humanity.

Because we create errors. But people can learn from those errors. Most of Germany refuse to put their flags up save for extremely special occasions[or in conjunction with other world flags] for fear of being seen as prideful or a threat by the rest of the world. Is it so terrible to think that if people can keep their selfishness in check, that a society where all are equal and no one is significantly richer or poorer than another, is something worth having?

However, it is impossible for all faults to justdisappear. The Ideals of Communism takes a backseat, as it is blamedby peoplefor those who extort their means of power.

People kill people, regardless of their name, origin, or government. And also: Dont blame the idea, blame the phonies who preach it THEN display corruption once that power is realised in their hands. You shouldnt have to forget that the USA ran a smear campaign against Communism simply to prepare people for a war with Russia. Responsible distribution and sharing of our currency and other rescources ensures ONLY better moderation which we are in serious need of!

Someone who actually believes in Communism would never commit the atrocious crimes that say Joeseph Stalin commited when he thinned out people he didnt like. Hitler was in fact appointed chancellor by Hidenburg not through a democratic election. I hate to burst your bubble but Communism will always be run by people and their flaws, not angels. Look at communist Mao, killing or purging million people in China. Communism is a sales job to get people to give up their freedom to a small group of people looking to get power.

Communism and human nature are not compatible and if we lived under communism, I would likely be killed for this dissent. Im too busy making the rich richer to be able to provide for my family even in the basics. You are already reaping the benefits of communism you jackass. Big government eliminates small business and the opportunities for you to succeed. You are just too stupid to see it.

You are one of the useful idiots that bring this to fruition. You are begging the very people oppressing you to save you from the programs the implemented to crash the economy and dumb down the masses. Clearly, the author has no first hand experience. Try living in Cuba for a while, and get back to us. To treat everyone as equals is to do great injustice to the potential of humanity by restricting basic human rights, removing profit motive, and demotivating each individual to the point of misery.

There is just cause why citizens take an unfavorable view of communism. The only true government system in which all people are equal is a direct democracy. In this form of government, any citizen can put forth a recommendation for a law, which will then be voted upon by all other citizens. The only problems with this form of government is uneducated people, and a very large population. With so many people wanting specific laws, and uneducated people voting on them, the entire system collapses.

The only way to counteract this, is with a group of highly educated people overseeing the voting process; a senate. But, if the senate members are not educated, are corrupt, or put forth the recommendations for the laws themselves, the entire system of government becomes pointless.

Therefore, the only form of government that can preserve the freedoms of its citizens, maintain itself, and not become corrupt, is a democratic republic. If the Cleaner is paid the same as the Surgeon then nobody would want to become a Surgeon. The incentive comes down to money more than the passion for the job. Home Miscellaneous Politics Benefits of Communism.

Benefits of Communism Communism is a political thought that suffer from large-scale public condemnation. Please help us improve. Please rate this article:. Recent Posts.

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