What not to talk about at work

what not to talk about at work

7 Taboo Things You Should Never Talk About At Work

Nov 20,  · Do not discuss your religious beliefs in depth and keep any negative opinions about others' beliefs to yourself. Your coworkers don't want to hear that you disagree with them about this or that your religion is the right one for everyone. Never, no matter what, try to persuade anyone you work with to convert to your faith. Oct 09,  · 7 Things You Should NEVER Talk About at Work. Religion. Religion is a really personal thing, and a lot of people are incredibly sensitive about their faith. You don’t have to hide your religion or Politics. Sex. No one needs to know about your sex life. Talking about it will make people.

Many people spend more time around their co-workers than their actual friends and families. After all, a bit of healthy water cooler banter is important for developing a stronger rapport with your co-workers.

How did Susan land that promotion, anyway? Talking about certain touchy subjects in most office environments could alienate your colleagues and even cost you a promotion. We gathered advice from career experts and human resources managers about what not to talk about at work. I remember being how to search a picture in google a meeting with someone senior to me who asked me my stance on a really hot topic.

I knew that we had opposing viewpoints, but I was not in the appropriate place to have an engaging conversation with this person. He put me in an awkward situation because I did not want to lie about my strong convictions. It opens the door for others to develop their own perceptions of your intentions, leading to anything from sabotaging your efforts to gossiping about your future plans.

Chhaya, president of PartnerExec. The moment the discussion goes left field, with a conversation about a cheating spouse or anything that is sexual in nature, it becomes uncomfortable in a work setting and is highly inappropriate.

If dealing with personal challenges with loved ones, be sure to discuss it with a trusted friend outside of the workplace. This creates additional conflict and disruption to the business and also puts additional stress on all parties involved.

Office gossip spreads like wildfire, and what you say to one person can easily get around to all the other employees in your department. Neither one is the right answer. It is from Nihar K. News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Follow Us. Terms Privacy Policy. Frank and Helena via Getty Images. Medical Issues. Responses have been edited or condensed for clarity. Suggest a correction. Experts Weigh In. Here's Where To Start.

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May 18,  · "My best advice is not to post about your colleagues or any details of your work – especially if it is negative or might be confidential. Employers . Apr 06,  · Managers who advise workers not to talk about salary with colleagues may do so because they want to avoid tension and hurt feelings among the staff. Legal issues aside, there is some validity to this concern, but not because employees with equal qualifications and similar skills and experience should be making widely different salaries.

There are some things you should avoid discussing at work because bringing up these topics could make your coworkers uncomfortable or influence their opinions of you and your ability to do your job. Awkwardness in the workplace can affect its functioning and ultimately the employer's bottom line. Nobody wants to be the cause of that.

While religion seems to be discussed everywhere, from the campaign trail to the sports field to the awards ceremony stage, it is a topic about which you should tread very lightly in the workplace. One's faith is a personal thing, and many people are sensitive about it. There is no need to be secretive about your religion—by all means, it's perfectly fine to mention things you do to celebrate it—but realize that not everyone worships the same way.

Do not discuss your religious beliefs in depth and keep any negative opinions about others' beliefs to yourself.

Your coworkers don't want to hear that you disagree with them about this or that your religion is the right one for everyone. Never, no matter what, try to persuade anyone you work with to convert to your faith.

Politics is probably a more volatile topic than any other. It causes tempers to flare and has ended relationships, even between close friends and family.

Given the amount of time you spend at work, and the need to get along and work side-by-side with your colleagues, having conversations about it is not worth it. While you may feel very strongly about your party or the candidate you support, or you may have an intensely unfavorable opinion of the opposition, do not try to win your coworkers over to your side.

It will be a futile effort that will merely cause hard feelings between you and them. Don't ever discuss details about your sex life. There is entirely no reason for anyone to know what goes on between you and your partner or partners. This topic makes many people squirm and can cause your coworkers to feel uneasy around you. Discussing your sex life can get you into legal hot water.

If someone feels intimidated or thinks you have created an offensive work environment, he or she may have grounds to file a sexual harassment complaint. When you genuinely need to confide in someone other than your partner, a good friend will have to do. Discussing problems you are having with family members may cause others, including your boss, to wonder if these difficulties will distract you from doing your job?

Even if you know these issues won't affect your work, they don't. When supervisors or managers are candid about their problems, their subordinates may see this as a weak spot they can exploit. This can undermine your authority. In addition, highlighting your problems will feed the rumor mill and make you become the subject of workplace gossip. There isn't anything wrong with seeing your current job as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but keep those sentiments to yourself.

Talking about your ambitions will, for good reason, make your boss question your loyalty and causes some coworkers to resent you. If you are interested in advancing within your current organization, do your job exceptionally well, and of course, let your boss know you want to move up through the company's ranks. Your actions will speak for you. Even though health issues—mental or physical—are nothing to be ashamed of, don't dwell on them too much at work. You may choose not to talk about them at all or to be very open, but regardless of how much, or how little, you disclose, avoid sharing every last detail of your condition.

When deciding how much to share with your colleagues, keep this in mind: when your colleagues know you are sick, they may question your ability to do your job well, just as they could if they knew about your family problems. Although their concerns may be unfounded, it will put doubt in their minds and affect their perceptions of you.

So, if you can't talk about these topics, what can you talk about? How will you get to know each other and develop camaraderie?

Try sticking to safe topics that allow you to get to know your coworkers but are less controversial like movies, music, travel, and food especially if you bring some to share. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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