What size de filter for 24 foot pool

what size de filter for 24 foot pool

How to Size a Pool Filter

Sand Filters. For sand filters on inground pools, I like to use a 30? tank diameter, which has a sq. ft. filter surface area and holds lbs of sand. For small pools (under 20, gallons), I might advise the next size down (24? tank) if the budget is tight. But never go smaller than a this for an inground pool. Aug 25,  · For example: A 24 feet ( m) round above ground pool has approx 13, gallons (51, L). A Hayward ST Sand Filter has a 10hr turnover rate of 18, gallons (68, L) and would work well with this pool. 5 Consider how much water resistance there will be that can affect your pool’s turnover rate%(37).

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Above Ground Pool Pump and Filter. Above Ground Pool Filter. Step by Step. Click here to view above ground pool siz. The larger the filter the longer you can go between cleanings. Oversized filters can hold more dirt without sacrificing flowrate or spiking filter pressure.

If you are the party pool in your neighborhood, that means more swimmers and inevitably more dirt. Larger filters also have higher flow rate capacities, this makes fkr lower back pressure compared to the smaller models. Less backpressure makes for less stress on the pump, filter and plumbing as a whole. Click here to view the above-ground filters. Add a Comment. What size pump, and filter do I need? What type of filter do you want to install on your 33' round pool?

My issue is water flow from my return, does not push water very far and am wondering if the larger filter would help this. I ask, because if it what to write in your first anniversary card a recent problem, it may voot a sign that the cartridge is dirty or needs to be replaced.

Also, what is the PSI rating on the filter when the pump is running? And is this a new problem, or has the pressure been a concern since those two pieces of equipment have been installed? Vacuuming more now than ever. I would go with the C to be on the safe side. The C would be a half-measure, and likely would not completely fix the problem. What size filter is in the C Reply. Prism Metal frame pool?

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Feb 22,  · What Size Pool Pump is right for my Above Ground Pool? Round Above Ground Pool: For pools up to 24 Ft Round, use a 1 HP pool pump. For pools over 24 Ft Round, we recommend using a HP pool pump. Oval Above Ground Pool: For oval pools up to 15?30, use a 1 HP pool pump. For oval pools over 15?30, we recommend using a HP pool kristinfrey.com: Brian Champ. From the Manufacturer Hayward de pro-grid vertical d.e. Filter, square-Feet. Pro-grid vertical grid d.e. Filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity for pools and spas of all types and sizes/5(43). Pool Filters; Filter & Sort. Filter by. Footprint. Footprint. 10 to 20 inches (4) 10 to 20 inches (4) Sq Feet (4) Sq Feet (4) Pool Filters. Perflex Extended-Cycle DE filter and pump systems clean pools fast, removing particles as small as two microns the first time through.

Filters are commonly sized by the square footage of surface area. It makes sense: the more square feet of filter media you have, the better the filter performance will be. But it gets tricky when you try to compare the three different types of pool filters to each other.

Within each filter type, there are typically four or five sizes. Of these sizes, the smallest are suitable for above ground pools, the mid-range ones can be used for small pools around 15, gallons, and the big filters work best for pools above 25, gallons. These are usually listed on product information pages, and they show the maximum flow rates for the filters.

This snippet below, from our Hayward Star-Clear filter page, seems to suggest that a 25 sq. Not even close. But never go smaller than a this for an inground pool. I have a rule of thumb for cartridge pool filters: sq. I like to see the sq. These can go an entire season without cleaning in most cases. Because diatomaceous earth filters offer the most superior type of filtration, people tend to go small and buy a 24 or 36 sq.

For the average inground pool, if money is available, buy a big D. When the pump is too large however, it can mean all sorts of trouble. Dirt can be pushed through the filter, internals can become crushed or cracked, and high pressure makes for a slow, inefficient and potentially hazardous situation. Another rule of thumb I have for pool filter size is to look at the swimming pool size in gallons.

The formula is Length x Width x Average Depth x 7. For oval pools, change the multiplier from 7. A minimum flow rate of 11 GPM per sq. Flow rates over 25 GPM can lead to channeling. Diatomaceous Earth DE — Max flow rate 2. Proper flow rate and pressure are essential to assure a uniform cake formation on the support grids. Cartridge — Max flow rate 1 GPM per square foot of area, can be sized between 0.

Match your pool size in gallons or less with the filter model number. You can find dozens of swimming pool filters at InTheSwim. I recently bought a home with an inground vinyl liner pool in very bad shape. I purchased a cartridge filter sq ft. Is this too big for a 1. I only get PSI. Hi Adam, sounds perfect. Love the big filter, not too big for the pump. Way oversized for the pool, but I like it like that — you can probably go 6 months between cleanings.

Looking to use a salt water sand filter system with it what is suggested for this size pool. Divide your total pool gallons by , to come up with a GPM rating. Then go shopping, and get a filter system that will pump that amount of water or more. What I read is about 14, gals in your pool, divided by equals 30 GPM.

So the sf filter would fit in the C? And not slow the flow of water? My PSI start with a clean filter at 22 just want to keep water moving, does not seem to reach the 32 other side. The SF filters are somewhat larger than the C tank, so some plumbing modification would be likely, but nothing too difficult. And you would probably cut the pressure in half, down to psi, with the filter twice the size.

No, you will replace the C filter, cut it out of the plumbing and install the J-C in place of the C, which you can put in the trash, or sell to someone that wants a used filter. Looking to buy a larger filter and was interested in the C size for a GPM. I do not seem to get a strong enough flow out of return to truly move water thus filter properly. HI William, for your pool size, the C is a much better size, and should handle the flow rate of the pump much better.

You may also consider two new SF filters, that are larger and cheaper, since Hayward has raised prices so much. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Search for:. I have another question, can I put a C cartridge in my C? So ,it would fit inside a C and handle the 2 hp pump?

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