What to do if electricity bill is too high

what to do if electricity bill is too high

Is your electric bill too high? Here’s how to troubleshoot

Oct 28,  · While energy rates vary by state, in many regions, the cost of electricity is higher than the cost of natural gas or propane, so the electric bill will increase once you start heating your home. Nov 09,  · Then in that case follow these tips to save your electricity bill by reducing your power consumption.. Tips To Reduce Your High Electricity Bill From Day 1: These power saving tips will cost you some money or no money at all, just a change in your attitude of using your appliances can save you lot of electricity bill.. Use regular water in washing machine: Do not use the water heating feature.

In this article we will see why your electricity bill is high and also look into ways that can help you fix your high electricity bill. The primary reason why your electricity bill is high is because of extra usage of any high power consuming appliance like AC, washing machine, water heater.

The other reasons can be the malfunction of your electric meter, any current wgat, incorrect capture of meter reading, increase in electricity tariff and switch to Time wyat Use TOU plan for billing.

Getting sudden what state is the hoover dam in in electricity bill is painful to the pocket and leaves you in dilemma whether your house power consumption has gone up or is there some fault in your billing. Incorrect meter reading: In India even today at some places meter reading is taken manually, so there is a chance that the person who visits your house to note down the meter reading might have written down wrong meter reading.

Let me make it clear that if your region has electric meters and meter reading is taken through a power measuring device, then this might not vill to you. How To Check Incorrect Meter Reading: You can electridity your previous month meter reading and present month meter reading in your electricity bill, just verify your present month meter reading with actual meter reading from the electric meter. If the present month meter reading printed in your electricity bill is different from your actual hugh reading taken from your meter then report this to the hihh provider they will surely sort out your electricity bill then and there.

Faulty Meter: This happens rarely but there is a possibility nigh your electric hgh might has malfunctioned, faulty meters capture wrong reading which can increase your electricity bill.

Once you find your electric meter is faulty report this to your electricity provider they will replace it. How To Check For Faulty Meter: To check whether your electric meter is faulty or not you should take the following steps. If both the meter reading differs then your electric meter is faulty and you should electrlcity it replaced. How to calculate common shares outstanding electricity provider will change your electric meter once you show him that the meter is faulty.

Current Leakage: If your house wiring is old then there are chances that there is some faulty wiring which what is a high stress level current all the time and grounds it.

This will increase your power consumption and thus your electricity bill. If there is epectricity kind of current leakage in your house then it should be rectified elextricity soon as possible. How to check current leakage: To check whether there is any current leakage in your house due to faulty wiring follow the steps below.

If both the meter readings differ then there can be current leakage since all your appliances elecfricity off and the meter is running. If you are not comfortable with these types of things, call an electrician to check for any current leakage and faulty meter, he will guide hogh properly. Your electricity tariff has gone up: There is no current leakage in your house wiring, your electric meter is working fine still you a spike in your electricity bill then there might be a chances that your how to make a homemade playhouse provider has increase the electricity tariff.

Electricity tariff is the amount how to configure the linux kernel electricity provider charges you for per unit of electricity.

Note: If your electricity provider is going to increase the tariff then they will surely let you know. Your power consumption has gone up: This is the most common reason why most people get high electricity bill. If you have used your electric appliances more than usual then iss will get high electricity bill.

Even if you increase your eo usage of heavy power consuming appliances like ACwashing machinegeyser by an hour, then this will drastically increase your electricity bill. Billing changes to Di plan: This is most unlikely reason why you see a sudden spike in your electricity bill because every electricity provider informs at least 2 — 3 months prior before making this change. Time of Use TOU plan is one of the way electricity provider does billing.

In TOU you are charged different electricity tariff for different time of the day, so at night when all of us are consuming most of our electricity, the electricity tariff rates will be high and during the dk time when consumption is less electricity tariff rates will be low. If your meter reading is fine, there is fault in your electric meter, there is no current leakage anywhere in your house and there is no change in your electricity tariff and tariff plan, then the only reason why your electricity bill is high is because your power consumption has gone up.

Then in that case follow these tips to save your electricity bill by reducing your power consumption. These power saving tips will cost you some money or no money at all, just a change in your attitude of using your appliances can save you lot of electricity bill. The most common reason why you are getting high electricity bill is because you are using your appliances more than usual, your house power consumption has increased.

Other factors that might increase your electricity bill are incorrect meter reading, faulty meter, leakage in ibll, increase in electricity tariff, and change in your tariff structure.

You can save your electricity bill by adopting simple lifestyle changes in the way your use your appliance. Feel free to share this article on Whatapp, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook and assert your views in the comments section. If you have reduced your house electricity what is the conjugate base of hso4 then please share it, it might help electricihy readers.

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What’s next? Reducing your high electric bills

You’re doing your best to save energy and your bill is still crazy high. Right, we get it. Us too. First things first: No, your utility company hasn’t raised their rates very suddenly. But yes, you should still call them and raise some hell. We’ll get to why later. In the meantime, let’s go over a few of the many reasons your bill End date: Apr 24, Jul 12,  · The meter reading number will be shown on your bill. If you get an astronomical bill, check your meter to see how the current kilowatt-hours reading compares the one on the most recent bill. If the current number is lower, then you’ve found the problem. Reading an electric meter takes a little practice, and the one shown above is at

While these things are technically possible , they're extremely rare. So rare in fact, that they don't even rate a mention in my 'top ten' list. Unlike other advice you may hear, this top ten list is based on real data.

It's based on my personal experience having completed over 1, energy audits. That's energy audits of both homes and businesses, all around the country. A combination of factors can often cause a high electricity bill. For most high power bills a few of the issues below will apply, not just one of them. This guide covers both high electricity bills and high gas bills.

However, my main focus is on electricity usage as complaints about these bills are by far the most common. Ducted air conditioning would have to be the most common cause of high power bills that I have seen. That's for both households and workplaces. The reason for this is that ducted air conditioners have a high input power rating. Every extra hour you leave them on, your bill will go up. Here's an example. A domestic ducted air conditioning system consumes about 5kW of electricity.

And that's from just one appliance. Note: your input power may be higher, usage longer, and tariffs more expensive. On the 'outdoor unit' of your Air Conditioner find the compliance plate. In the example pictured above the unit has an input of W 5.

A noteworthy related mention is ducted gas heating. Most common in Victoria, they're also used in cold climates in other states. And these monsters really chew through natural gas or LPG. Not to mention the fact they also need electricity to power their large air circulation fans. You know how I just said a domestic air conditioner might use 4. This is equivalent to 25kW. Yup, you read that right. No wonder the gas industry loves extolling the 'virtues' of gas heating! So what can be done about high electricity bills caused by air conditioning?

Regardless of whether your system is a tank or instantaneous 'continuous flow' , it will use a lot of energy. Hot water already starts from a high base in terms of energy usage. But things can go from bad to worse, very quickly.

In almost every office across the country, you'll find at least one electric hot water tank. They're usually stuck somewhere out of sight - like in a cupboard or in the roof cavity. Just about every kitchenette and bathroom will have one, somewhere. Instant boiling or chilled water isn't needed after hours. So switch the unit off as in this photo , or place it on a timer.

They are fuelled by natural gas, electricity including heat pump , or solar black pipes on the roof. Even solar water heaters for pools use plenty of electricity. This is thanks to the circulation pump, which may need to run 8 to 10 hours per day. Here's how to reduce high energy bills caused by hot water usage:. Plug-in electric heaters might look innocent, but they can consume a large amount of power.

The classic example is an oil column heater used to heat a bedroom overnight. You might think the heater doesn't use much… Until you get your next electricity bill. Cheap to buy, but very expensive to operate. Be careful when using high power plug-in heaters. At least you can see a portable electric heater. Some of the worst heating culprits remain invisible to the user. Examples include underfloor electric or hydronic heating and heated towel rails.

Heating circuits like these can rack up high bills as they're often left running all day. Some in-slab or underfloor heating can be left on without the occupants even noticing. I've been in several homes where heating was unintentionally left on in a seldom-used bathroom. Clothes dryers are another heater that often contributes to high electricity bills. Each full load in a clothes dryer can use up to 5kWh of electricity.

Related appliances are electric or gas ovens and any form of kiln. These are heaters too, just used for cooking or other processes. These are a big deal in any commercial kitchen where they can use up to 40kW each. Even in households, if used often, they can contribute substantially to your electricity or gas bills.

Did You Know? Kettles, toasters, and hair dryers are also 'electric heaters', but you won't find them mentioned above. They have a high input power rating around 2kW but are only used for minutes per day , not hours.

As such, their total contribution to a high electricity bill tends to be small. Ventilation or extractor fans are yet another significant but somewhat 'invisible' energy user. They often sit in roof cavities, on the roof, below the sub-floor, or in the car park. There's often a fleet of ventilation fans on the roof of commercial buildings or unit blocks. And that's even if the building is only occupied during business hours.

Extractor fans for bathrooms, kitchens and car parks are found everywhere. You'll see them dotted around the roof on most buildings as pictured. This is not a problem confined to large buildings. I've been to many homes with large electricity bills thanks to sub-floor or other 'always on' ventilation.

These are often installed as a quick fix to prevent damp, mould, or other issues. The problem with all this ventilation is not only its direct energy usage. All the air extraction works against other energy-using systems.

For example, you may be trying to heat or cool a room, but at the same time, an extractor fan is removing this air. This can indirectly also drive up your heating and air conditioning costs. Don't get me wrong, fresh air is required, particularly in office buildings.

But there are often much more sensible ways to do it. Here are my top tips for reducing ventilation electricity usage:. I can also say that, as a rule, these households have the highest electricity bills.

The main culprit is the pool filter pump which circulates the water and may also run the pool cleaner. Pool shops and swimming pool installers are notorious for exacerbating this problem. Despite improvements in pool pump efficiency, they still generally install over-spec filter pumps. Also, as they don't have to pay your electricity bill, they recommend the pump runs for 8 hours or more per day. Running a pump for this long is not necessary in most cases.

Irrigation pumps are also significant users of energy. Water pumps are used on rural properties, farms, golf courses, and sports fields.

As with most energy guzzlers, they're usually not installed with energy efficiency in mind. Pumps are often oversized and the pipes undersized. Incorrectly sized and operated pumps can really sting on your electricity bills. In energy terms, the motor speed is critically important. This is because power is proportional to the cube of speed. Irrigation pumps can be massive in size. But even small pumps can cost you big time.

I'm thinking in particular of hot water circulation pumps. Hot water reticulation pumps are found in apartment buildings and large homes. They circulate hot water through a network of pipes so that you don't have to wait several minutes to get hot water. The problem with this is not so much their direct energy usage as the pumps are small. It's more the fact they are continuously sapping energy from your hot water system.

And as I explained in point 2 above, hot water tanks use a lot of energy. Noteworthy related mentions include fish tanks , pond pumps and water features.

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